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I had a sudden thought as I was replaying this game today that Chop Suey by System of a Down is practically Rama's theme song xD

AHHH I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I found this game here about a week ago, and oh my, have I fallen in love. I don't dislike a single character, and everything from the art to the writing has me wanting more. I can't wait to read this chapter!

Ahhh! I'm so excited! I can't wait to die 5 times as I remember how the game works, and then die 15 more times after that, and then eventually get the ultimate satisfaction of successfully reaching the best end of the demo. 

I finished my first play-through in about an hour, and it was absolutely charming. I personally love the way the reader is just kind of thrown into the storyline, because it really helps the full immersion into the life of the main character. There was so much suspense and I probably missed a ton that I'll have to go back and read, but from what's here so far, this game seems amazing. The art is beautiful; the little details in both the character designs and backgrounds add a lot to the story. I love all the small, extra details about the characters, like constellation freckles, and the mystery surrounding the entire plot. I can't wait for more updates :D

I was unaware that this visual novel was incomplete and spent 4 hours doing a run-through before internally screaming at the end of chapter 6, because I thought I got a bad end. I'm absolutely in love with this game. The characters are all amazing and it's the perfect length so far. Nothing is rushed, but it also doesn't drag on or feel tedious. The art is amazing, the writing and editing are so precise and you can really see how much effort has been put into this. It's an absolute delight to be sucked into this storyline.

I found this game the other day and I loved it. My first playthrough scared me a bit because I really didn't enjoy the bad ending, but then when I persued Kieran I just absolutely fell in love with the story. It felt a lot fuller with the extra plot and romance, and the character development made me wish all of the characters were real. Well, most of them, anyway. 

Also, irrelevant to the game, for the longest time I thought it was pronounced "el-deh-wiss" but then I actually read it and googled it and realized it's "ee-dull-wice" and I feel a little stupid for how long I went without knowing how to pronounce it xD

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(Warning: slight spoilers, but no context) This game is absoultely INCREDIBLE. The music, artwork, and writing are amazing, but the general formula of the game is what blew me away. I just had to pause the game to comment how perfect the part around July is. The way the player/reader just keeps planning weeks and skipping through them mundanely was, in my opinion, the absolute best way to portray the emptiness that the MC is feeling in this part of the story. And the loss of actions with the love interest (assuming this is all routes, not just Daire's, as that's the only route I've started as of the writing of this comment) before this point was another great way to involve the audience and just rip their heartstrings out. This was the perfect use of a planner system, it enhanced the story in a way that simply reading the MC's thoughts couldn't. This is definitely one of my favorite visual novels ever, and I'm still not even done with my first route. Congratulations to you and everyone on your team for your incredible talents and hard work. 

Edit: HOLY-- So, I continued playing after that and I definitely got the bad end xD But it was a great bad end. If it were the middle of the night and I were playing uninterrupted, that definitely would've made me cry. God, I love this game

I downloaded this earlier and I just fell in love with the story and artwork. The music is also really well-fitted to the scenes but not so distracting that you can't read the dialogue. I can't wait for the full release! (I'm already excited for MC to figure out that Junoru is a vampire, if my suspicions are correct.)

This was such a cute little game! I love the characters and the plot was pretty solid. I'm sad because it was over so fast (;-;)

That was honestly so helpful. Thank you xD It realized it's actually not too difficult as long as you focus on intelligence/combat and the stats associated with the love interest you're pursuing. It was also really helpful to learn that the missions and alchemy items really aren't that important and you can, for the most part, ignore them. It's pretty cool in my opinion that this game kind of requires a lot of poking around and experimenting with what works or doesn't work, because it really gets you into the story and makes forward progress so much more rewarding. 

A while back, I found Winged Ones and immediately fell in love with the characters and plot. I've spent easily over 10 hours on that game, and I'm a fast reader, but I was just absolutely amazed by the execution of ideas in the story. The descriptions were so vivid, the music fit the storyline perfectly, and it was overall an incredibly immersive experience. There haven't been many books or movies that made me cry, but the way the writing just makes you so attached to the characters makes everything feel so much deeper. I'm super stoked for the full release of Bermuda, because if your past work is any indication, it's going to be amazing. Good luck with the rest of the work you have to do, and don't worry about time- it's gonna take a lot more than releasing a game later than anticipated to deter us.

I'm really bad at these kinds of games where stats determine the outcome xD So far I'm on maybe my 3rd restart of the game and 7th try to survive the attack in the middle of the night. I keep dying no matter what so at this point I'm going to try to find a tutorial because I want to experience the full demo; it's been absolutely amazing so far. The writing is incredible and the action doesn't happen too fast, as it does in a lot of other visual novels I've played/read. I'm super stoked for the full game.