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I'm really bad at these kinds of games where stats determine the outcome xD So far I'm on maybe my 3rd restart of the game and 7th try to survive the attack in the middle of the night. I keep dying no matter what so at this point I'm going to try to find a tutorial because I want to experience the full demo; it's been absolutely amazing so far. The writing is incredible and the action doesn't happen too fast, as it does in a lot of other visual novels I've played/read. I'm super stoked for the full game.

Ahhhh thank you so much! We're super happy you enjoy the demo!

The fullgame will definitely have multiple difficulty settings and that will hopefully relax this a bit! This is not a tutorial per se but a spoiler-free hint sheet, since a lot of people were actually asking! Maybe it will help you a bit!

(If you're interested in the real numbers though some of the first comments much below have them -coughs coughs coughs-)

That was honestly so helpful. Thank you xD It realized it's actually not too difficult as long as you focus on intelligence/combat and the stats associated with the love interest you're pursuing. It was also really helpful to learn that the missions and alchemy items really aren't that important and you can, for the most part, ignore them. It's pretty cool in my opinion that this game kind of requires a lot of poking around and experimenting with what works or doesn't work, because it really gets you into the story and makes forward progress so much more rewarding. 

No problem! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Yes, missions are designed in a way that you can ignore them, but targetting the specific ones (especially in the final release) that relate to your romance pursue will make the MC's life a lot easier (literally)! xD Of course, there will be still lots of experimenting, but there are always some general thumb rules that get easier to figure out as time goes on :D