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(Warning: slight spoilers, but no context) This game is absoultely INCREDIBLE. The music, artwork, and writing are amazing, but the general formula of the game is what blew me away. I just had to pause the game to comment how perfect the part around July is. The way the player/reader just keeps planning weeks and skipping through them mundanely was, in my opinion, the absolute best way to portray the emptiness that the MC is feeling in this part of the story. And the loss of actions with the love interest (assuming this is all routes, not just Daire's, as that's the only route I've started as of the writing of this comment) before this point was another great way to involve the audience and just rip their heartstrings out. This was the perfect use of a planner system, it enhanced the story in a way that simply reading the MC's thoughts couldn't. This is definitely one of my favorite visual novels ever, and I'm still not even done with my first route. Congratulations to you and everyone on your team for your incredible talents and hard work. 

Edit: HOLY-- So, I continued playing after that and I definitely got the bad end xD But it was a great bad end. If it were the middle of the night and I were playing uninterrupted, that definitely would've made me cry. God, I love this game

I did play that bad end at like 3 AM and it made me cry and also spooked me