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This game is like your typical RPG character just gave up on weaponry and decided that fists are the way to go. I LOVE IT.

Edit: The fact that you simply subverted expectations at the very beginning tells me that this game is going to be absurdly amazing. You grab the blade, I'm like "Woah I actually get a weapon?" and then the Fight Knight shatters it. Classic Expectation Subversion.

The story is absolutely hilarious, and I love it.
Fighting's good too.

KARLSON community · Created a new topic Challenge for y'all

I challenge you to NOT kill anyone during speedrunning. Basically Pacifist Speedrun lol

aw crud, here's what I'm trying to say.

Because moving your mouse makes you lean to a direction, is it more damaging to flick your mouse at the target (which makes you snap to the opposite direction) upon releasing a charged punch? 

Sorry that I have bad grammar lol

Hi! Just wondering, does your momentum and speed amount to the damage you do? Because charged mouse flicked punches seem to do a lot of damage according to the impact of the sounds. Good game though, hope to see (and beat up) AI boxers, a Dummy, and my fellow friends on the internet through this game.

It's pretty tough, especially on Lunatic.. Is this game supposed to be finished in one sitting? Because I just did that. Overall, it's really good, but the physics are kinda wonky, especially midair and when on rocks. Good Game Though.

So, I just came from IwanPlays. He's a youtuber that typically plays horror games, but occasionally dabbles into the absurd like this. Anyone else came from here?

yo was that a jojo reference in the thumbnail or cover art

Pretty good. Although I know it's just the title screen, I initially thought it was an actual 3d game. Hey, what's good is what's good. Also did you know you can fly in this game? Repeatedly tap the A button and move around. You'll be flying all over the place. It's pretty fun to use this and pretty nifty too.