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Use the arrow keys to select a song, then enter to start.

When the song starts, you press Z-key, X-key, ,-key and .-key to tap the notes when they reach the bottom line of the respective lanes.

Try to keep up, we know its a bit too hard at the moment, and you might not make it if you're not a really into rhythm-games like stepmania.

Oops :P We are planning on adding some options for the users to select difficulties and/or change the parameters sent in to the AI that parses the song frequencies, but because of time limits, it got postponed until after the jam is wrapped up.

Yeah, we know :) We still have a lot of tweaking to do on the AI and giving the user some difficulty options for each song.

Though, players like @sidaroth manages to finish the songs with 90%+ note hits, but he's been playing Step Mania for 15 years, so he doesn't really count :P

I need your full discord username, which should be bleepbloopbleep1#{{some four numbers}}. It should tell you what those numbers are below your username in the bottom left corner. Here is mine if thats easier: Garlov#9584


We are two programmers currently, and we're trying to find a couple more people to join our team. Including someone to do music/sfx, so if you're still looking for a team, you're more than welcome to join us.

Thanks. Since it's running in webgl with multiple filters and shaders, it might be a bit heavy for some setups. Webgl is gpu accelerated, so a dedicated gpu or a really good cpu/apu would do wonders as well.

Yeah, this isn't the game I started out to make. but I only got a few hours on Friday and a few right before the deadline. So I had to go with what I had at the moment, which was a water jet (which was really a paint gun). I'm currently writing a post-jam section into the readme on github, that should be up soon-ish. Where I reflect some on where I started, where I ended up, the tools I used.

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Which browser and version are you using? I haven't tested in anything but Chrome, some other browser might need a few polyfills