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Wow really sorry, I updated the builds and it must've not of gone through.

Reuploading them now!

Thank you! and sorry about the wait :)

Did you edit the pink cabinets code to make it easier? You can change the EnemyShip.speed to be slower. Sorry, if I didn't make that clear enough! 

Glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately the full release won't be free. 

p.s. apologies for making the cabinet.

Thank you for making a video, I'm glad you enjoyed it and got to pet the dog! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I can't 100% confirm at the moment but a switch release is planned! :)

The reason I use Unity 5 is because I purchased a perpetual license before they switched to subscription only pricing. I will likely be updating sometime in the future, but I'm not sure about the actual benefits besides better platform support.

Thanks for letting me know! I've fixed the link :)

Thanks for playing and taking time to give some good, honest feedback. There’s definitely a lot of things I could have done differently, part of the learning process I guess! 

  1. I'm sorry, Lucky is  gone :(
  2. I can only apologise, it hurts me too.
  3. I’ll have to check it out, it might be some clipping issue.
  4. You can use the clipboard to change the speed of one of the cutscenes and also skip the scene after the pong match by getting into the elevator. It’s mainly for speedrunning, I didn’t really want to make the prologue too difficult and clipboard puzzles can get confusing.
  5. Thanks! My favorite part was working with all the voice actors.

Thanks again for playing!

I used a program called Aseprite, highly recommend it. I didn't really do anything special to be honest, just post on twitter and entered the Steam Game festival.

Thank you for sharing!

Sorry for the late reply, thank you for streaming it! 

"We don't talk about the pink cabinet..."

Hi thanks for playing and cheers for the feedback!

I’ve actually been working on improving the selection system (it’s a bit broken) plus adding the point to click controls option. 

Should be available next update :)

Thanks a lot, I got the google form submission. It’s always helpful to know which distros players are having success on as well!

Glad you enjoyed it thanks for playing!

I’ll have to check the mixing on the frogs, I know a couple other sfx are a bit off (sparks, person sharpening blade etc) that I still need to address.

p.s. that game is cursed!

Thanks for making a video and for the feedback. The controls are something I'm working on, they didn't end up working so well with keyboard and mouse. You were supposed to go to the right and vs Luna in another game to progress. Thanks again for playing :)

Thank you for making a video! I'm working on the full game :)

Thank you for playing! The controls are something I'm working on based on the feedback. I won’t be able to make the whole game playable with only a mouse, but I am making it possible to select/interact with objects by clicking on them for point and click fans.

(perdón si hay una mala traducción, estoy usando el traductor de Google) Eventualmente será en español, todavía estoy tratando de descubrir cómo manejar la localización. ¡Gracias por jugar!

Thank you for checking it out and letting me know! I’m still very new to Linux so still trying to work things out and appreciate all the info I can get.  

Thank you for letting me know and no problem! Sorry for the late reply, must've missed it.

Thank you for making  a video, I'll check it out later tonight when I get time :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the programming part of it!

Glad someone caught that reference! Thanks so much, though I'm sure there are better games out there. Just happy some people enjoyed it :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! 

I’ll talk to the artists about putting it on youtube :)

Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I'm working on redoing the controls and a few other issues I received feedback on. Thanks for taking time to make a video, I appreciate it :)

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! My friend did the music so I'm not too sure. Sure, if I'm not to busy I'll test it out, just post it in this topic. Good luck with the project! 

Thank you for making a video! Sorry if it wasn't... easy, still trying to find a good balance :)

Glad you enjoyed it, thank you!

Thank you for playing and leaving  feedback. Number one thing to improve is the controls and selection system (I'm working on it). I'm adding an audio levels setting to options and i'll look into sorting out the SFX you mentioned earlier. Thanks again!

Of course, I'd love that! Feel free to post it here if you want me to watch it when I get time :)

Thank you! Yeah, controls are the biggest thing I need to work on based on feedback. It was okay with a controller (R2 + Right analog to look around) but didn't transfer well to mouse and keyboard. I will try to get the regional pricing right to make the game as accessible as possible :)


Glad you enjoyed it and didn't get too confused with the controls :) Thank you for taking time to make a video, I'll watch it when I get some free time!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! 

Thanks for playing! And don't worry, the controller scheme/selection system is on the big list of things that need to be overhauled based on feedback. It did kind of make sense with a controller (hold R2 + Right analog to look around) but didn’t translate into keyboard and mouse well. Thanks again for taking time to comment!

Hey again!

Thank you for taking time to make a video :)