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Will do! The only other thing I could think of that would be nice would be to skip all of a dialogue section if I've already seen it before. Some of them are quite long and I'd have to click my way through each page to get through it if I'm retrying a puzzle.

Really enjoyable artwork and worldbuilding! The puzzles, less so unfortunately. It feels like a lot of them rely on not being able to retry only the wrong answers just to pad out the length as you're forced to repeat a large amount of work just to get back to trying to slot a few answers into the right place. These mainly apply to the guess the category or order puzzles. 

You could apply some nice aspects of the other puzzles like you have a number of wrong guesses you can make or the answer solving once everything is correctly organized. 

Still, looking forward to how this progresses in the future! 

I enjoyed the characters quite a lot, but not so much the wandering around and getting turned around at times when the view direction changes, so I got lost a lot of the time trying to vaguely remember where I was supposed to go. I also got the worst ending apparently. :( 

I went into this blind with no expectations (and not having played the previous game?), trying to keep an open mind about things but my god I just cant go any further into this game after getting the cave ins with Nikita being so horrible all the time. She's just so gross and awful. 

omg this is gay as hell I love it. :3 

What a cute lil game and what a cute lil demon. Loved this!

Lovely. I got this and Three Wishes off a bundle. Definitely enjoyed this much more because Three Wishes was kinda weighed down by constant anxiety, while this just has her enjoying her best demon life!

Had fun with this. The writing was quite enjoyable, but the mech combat was kind of not fun, but at least its skippable. It did hamper my enjoyment of the game quite a bit when you're at the part you cant skip though. 

This was pretty fun! The big downside is that day 13 (I think?) has a big multiple choice conversation that you have to replay every time you summon the wrong golem type. It's a bit of a downer to go through that conversation about 10 times while trying to scrounge up parts for a new golem. Otherwise, I think I got a good-enough ending, the gameplay isnt enough to push me to get to a perfect ending after two times though, but it's fun enough!