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Ganil Ganilder

A member registered Dec 12, 2014

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OMFG still no Delete Account button, WTF is this crap? DELETE my account RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

My dungeon was a dead too, but I think that is beacause its a demo.

But I agree with everything you said, the enemies are hard to distinguish between alive and dead and the floor and walls are nauseating being with same texture.

The thing thst made me stop playing is the head bobbing when you press A and D, never seen that in a game and is terrible...


It took 30 minutes to get to the Ravens base.!!!


Hi! here is my gameplay of the demo in a VHS style!

Stop begging, it´s embarrasing.

I hope you can implement it!


Nice idea but terrible controls. This game craves the mouse for the vehicle editor.

That would be super nice!


Killing reds 1KM away from me.

I´ll just leave this here.

Terrible controls. I really wanted to play the game but I rage quitted over the terrible controls after 3 minutes. Very sad.

Why are you telling me this?

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Hi everyone! This is my video about the update, is more tactical than action packed, but I managed to make a couple of LONG range shots.

SteelRaven7, the quadbikes are a great addition to move faster in Dustbowl and the new sniper rifle is the long range weapon the map needed, great job!

Since everybody has suggestions here are mine:

  • It would be awesome if the tanks could have an optic zoom by pressing RMB. A tank capable of long range shots needs to find it´s targets (both cannon and machinegun).
  • A fixed tripod machinegun. It could be the same tank machinegun but you can deploy it anywhere on the map on a tripod. It would take two inventory slots and no optic zoom.
  • A dinamic objective spawn system like in Project Reality. Random points spawn across the map and they must be captured in a specific order.

Keep the AWESOME work, you´re making a hell of a game!

I dont see the point.

It´s a well known bug. He´ll be fixing it soon :D

That would be a very nice solution, but then we will lose the bullet drop on Island? Not that I care if that happens hahaha ;D

Loving the new update. Here are my thoughts.

Due to the size of the new map it would be nice some weapons that use distance as a new mechanic (distance markers in scopes and/or more powerful sniper rifle, new transport methods IE quads, heat scopes, etc...).

A flare laucher in the pistol slot would be a great addition for the night mode.

Keep the great work!

The gameplay? Fraps.

Capturing all 5 bases before winning on points!

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Assault mode in Beta 3.

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You had nothing for a month? Motherfucker, if you are bored make you own fucking game instead of CRYING like a little bitch because a guy that owes you nothing didn´t entertain you. The nerves on some people... I really hope that the next updates are paid only, it will keep all the annoying entitled children like you out.

Yes, actually this bug happened at the same time the freeze bug happened. I hope it´s easy to find and fix!

Loving your game man, take all the time you need to make it great ;D

I don´t know what happened but this guy went crazy.

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Amazing little game, Deconstructeam always deliver :D

Buen trabajo chicos, impresionante como siempre, saludos desde Galicia!

It is free dumbass.

OMG, are you really that retarded? Crying to the developer because you are bored? Have a little respect for the guy, he is giving you a fucking free game, and asking nothing for it.

You are not getting ideas, don´t be ridiculous. You are demanding things just because you are "tired". I´m 31 years old and I´m acting like one, you on the other hand are proving your 12yo by talking to the devoloper like he was you mother...

Thanks! I´ll will love to collaborate with the developer with graphic desing.


FREEZE! I found this weird bug :O

Not a single missile killed me in a 100 games shooting them.

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Dude you dont ask for thinks like this... If you are tired of the map, imagine how tired is he of people like you asking for free things. Shut up and enjoy the free game.

How is the developer fault that you are playing his game in a shitty peasant PC? Get a job, save money, buy a good PC and stop bitching.

What do you mean? You can change it, nothing is fixed.