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Deletion of account

A topic by crysisxforce created Feb 25, 2017 Views: 4,284 Replies: 9
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Who do I contact or where do I go to request deletion of my account? I am probably blind, but I can not find an option to delete my account. I signed up from a reddit deal, but should have looked into it more.

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You can send us an email at to get your account closed. Thanks


You guys should really make a Delete Account function....


OMFG still no Delete Account button, WTF is this crap? DELETE my account RIGHT FUCKING NOW.


can you please delete my account. thank you.

I sent a request to delete my account yesterday.  

Can an Admin delete my account? Would greatly appreciate it :D

I want to have my account deleted too. Please, admin

Delete me admin


Please contact support to have your account deleted. We don't do account support from the message board. Thanks

Admin archived this topic