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haha i had a feeeling that'd be an uboa reference. really charming  game!

Wow! Really fun and interesting. Was the music made by you two? Is it uploaded somewhere? If not, it'd be awesome if you did. Great gaem

such a cute little game. lovely

Lovely! I really enjoyed this. The game's cute and neat and the character feels good to control,  and man, your choice of music is amazing! I especially loved the dnb track. As others said, if you ever end up updating this game it'd be cool if you added maybe z as jump and x as dash, that's how it often is in games and it'd be the most comfortable i think. Still, this was great :')

Really nice! I got all the chests, and enjoyed this much!

Aw man, i'm silly. Tried more and somehow i was able to get up there. Sorry for bothering you. I'll continue playing!

I was also thinking it would probably be nice to have slightly bigger controls, as i find myself often clicking just a few milimetres off the square. It's fine though, just'd be finer i guess.

Hello mr. Plouf. I'm enjoying the game, it's really neat and cute! I just ran into an issue (i think)

I'm in this area in the 3rd world (i think it's level 11) and i see i'm supposed to jump off the trampoline and get high up there, but i just cannot seem to make it! I don't know. This in the pic is pretty much as high as i can get. Could you tell me if i'm missing something, or if this is a bug maybe? I'm playing on the google play version.

fun! nice! very pleasant game.

very nice! i got here after Psycron and yeah, really enjoyable stuff!

Moved me to tears. Thank you for making this.

ahh this was sweet

So fun, and the music is amazing!

This was lovely, thank you. The designs, humor and aesthetic, and your choice of music were amazing. <3

neat! glad to see you're working on the game! good luck!

I couldn't make it past the naming screen

i really liked poking around in the files, very interesting. is there some kind of definite ending in this game, if i may ask? or is it just about, you know, exploring.

i played the demo and i love it, it's so pretty and polished and just amazing overall. i think i might buy the full game.

holy hell that is terrifying

Hi! Are you still working on this? It looks interesting!

i know i'm the third person to say this, but this was really cute! i loved it much :}

this was pretty charming! i'd love to play more of it, do you plan on ever expanding on this game?

i have achieved catharsis

very cool and unique! i did everything there was to and enjoyed it immensely, love it. i'll follow you on your future projects. congrats on making such a neat game

gosh ding dang diddly doo darn

Wow, this was so cool and unique... I loved it. Very much. Gonna play it again in the future definitely. I liked the stories being unusual and kind of disturbing even. Great experience.

i enjoyed peeping the horror

very neat!

very scary to imagine irl

ohmygod this game is so fucking hard
damn QWOP controls

pretty funny 

You did not just use the word "clussy"... I gotta check this out

life changing

fuck, this was great

Heyo, neat game! I can't help but wonder, does that indecipherable text actually hold some meaning?

this was fun! my top score was somewhere around 5600 :)

Damn, I loved this. The aesthetic is so cool, and the atmosphere... wow

Man that's wild, I didn't expect a sudden comeback. Good luck with the development!

yo this is pretty fuckin cool (and damn, the scary atmosphere).  I died quite a bit into the game, i gotta play it more though. neat stuff