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damn, i was scared to chills... the atmosphere and the little touches were really good. Haven't felt this uneasy, almost terrified, in some time. Great game!

Also i love your style :> The character sprite is so cute.

Are you still working on this?

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awesome style

awesome! also the character design goes hardd

I loved the atmosphere! The caves were kind of cozy lol the presence of the sled was comforting. 

but seriously this game is awesome, lovely style, really fun to play, the music's great too... and the girls, you never miss with the designs guys lmao

fantastic mumba adventure... i will now wait for ugby mumba 4.


very fun!

man, this game was sweet! i loved it

also, is Apple Fuji's adopted daughter? it's nice how your games' characters are connected.

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playing this 1,5 years after i first did
made me tear up
thank you

haha i used to play this on my old little phone, nice memories

oh my god... i played this game a few years ago on Armor Games and loved it, and now i find it here... the music is soo good, it stuck with me since the time i played it. really adds to the experience. the game is great too!

I'm really sorry, I don't own a VR headset and I haven't played this game, I can't give you any feedback... the music did load for me though and it captivated me. Very calm and sweet track. Thank you for uploading! Good luck with your future games :]

Hi! This music is really nice, have you uploaded it anywhere?

Super! I przez Polaków robione... zarąbiście

i really liked this. your style is very cool! i love Camiel's smug sprite hehe

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i found the creepy area preceded by the golden cthulhu statue, i walked back and forth but couldn't find anything to help me progress there. i saw the hobbit dude go back to the right screen upon entering there, and i also went into the uhh barn? there's a creature there but it's literally pitch black and i dont know how i'm supposed to do anything.

i'm stuck, man. is the card game essential to progressing? also it's kinda annoying how you do not, at all, explain the rules of the game anywhere.

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hi, is this actually the finished game you talked about uploading? There's a game freezing bug in the forest, when you talk to Sophia. You can die easily in the swamp but the save is far away so each time you die you have to walk back and it gets kinda tedious after a few times (and it's completely unnecessary, you could just have a save at the beginning of the swamp, after the river).  Especially when there's like one or two sudden bullshit areas where you get killed instantly upon entering. An alright thing, but not when you have to waste like 40 seconds every time you want to go back there. Also it would've been better indicated how you're supposed to bait the creatures in the swamp (hiding behind the tree from the right, not the left, so the monster runs farther). I had no idea and it was pretty annoying having to go back there and dying so much. You seem to not have been active on itch since july 2021, and you made a post saying the game would be updated, but i'm pretty sure it wasn't?

arcadekitten jest Polką/lakiem?

I really liked the two main sprites of the MC (looking left and right). They look so cute but also cool and your style is really nice.

haha i had a feeeling that'd be an uboa reference. really charming  game!

Wow! Really fun and interesting. Was the music made by you two? Is it uploaded somewhere? If not, it'd be awesome if you did. Great gaem

such a cute little game. lovely

Lovely! I really enjoyed this. The game's cute and neat and the character feels good to control,  and man, your choice of music is amazing! I especially loved the dnb track. As others said, if you ever end up updating this game it'd be cool if you added maybe z as jump and x as dash, that's how it often is in games and it'd be the most comfortable i think. Still, this was great :')

Really nice! I got all the chests, and enjoyed this much!

Aw man, i'm silly. Tried more and somehow i was able to get up there. Sorry for bothering you. I'll continue playing!

I was also thinking it would probably be nice to have slightly bigger controls, as i find myself often clicking just a few milimetres off the square. It's fine though, just'd be finer i guess.

Hello mr. Plouf. I'm enjoying the game, it's really neat and cute! I just ran into an issue (i think)

I'm in this area in the 3rd world (i think it's level 11) and i see i'm supposed to jump off the trampoline and get high up there, but i just cannot seem to make it! I don't know. This in the pic is pretty much as high as i can get. Could you tell me if i'm missing something, or if this is a bug maybe? I'm playing on the google play version.

fun! nice! very pleasant game.

very nice! i got here after Psycron and yeah, really enjoyable stuff!

Moved me to tears. Thank you for making this.

ahh this was sweet

So fun, and the music is amazing!

This was lovely, thank you. The designs, humor and aesthetic, and your choice of music were amazing. <3

neat! glad to see you're working on the game! good luck!

I couldn't make it past the naming screen

i really liked poking around in the files, very interesting. is there some kind of definite ending in this game, if i may ask? or is it just about, you know, exploring.

i played the demo and i love it, it's so pretty and polished and just amazing overall. i think i might buy the full game.