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I’m not sure tf this is a bug, but tried to open it today, and it just kept crashing. Maybe has somthing to do with the Quest 2 updat, not sure though. Anyone having similar issueS?

Is the content manager app available for the Oculus build, and if so, how do I get it?

Thanks for creating this, I love to be able to view MMD/XNA models directly on my Quest, with no other hardware. I’d like to share an experience I had while using this: I turned on Override Motion, and also Ragdoll Mode, and the scene totally went crazy. I was laughing so darn hard.

Could DanceXR also use .VPD pose files? I’d like to request that to be added in the future, please.

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Why could my FPS be in the 10s even on low settings?

Go here: Browser Page and click the purple download button.

Last time I tried this, the nurse kept telling me to “Stand up straight”, but I WAS standing; Couldn’t get any farther.

A beautiful and touching game. I played it through a few times to see what happened if I did something different. The last playthrough was the best, because I took all the knowledge from previous tries, and did everything exactly right. The soundtrack was amazing, hope it releases someday. All in all, I give this game a 20/10, the extra ten points are for how each character’s personality felt like they were old friends, and the fact that the game was just gorgeous, and everything just fell into place. Thank you Devs for such a treat, and virtual hugs to all (unless you don’t like hugs, I understand).

I already did that. Fun game by the way, but it’s too short (or maybe I just died early). Everything works now.

Cool game, just wish there was more controller support; The special attacks aren’t working, and you can’t buy anything from the vending machines. All I can do is attack, and move.

download from your browser.

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Nope, nothing for me either.

EDIT: Try to download from the browser, not the client.

Do you have another way to contact you? I don’t want to put my email where everyone could see it.

Hey, Gamyr here, if I didn’t do this before, I’ll do it now. I’m a gamer, as you can tell by my username, and have been for a long time. I love seeing all the indie stuff on itch, and I hope to stay a long time. I don’t create games, although I wish I could, but I do like a lot of different types of games, and there are plenty to choose from on here.

It is in my library, but when I click the icon, it takes me to the game’s main page, where it asks me to buy it again.

I may be willing to volunteer, just think on it for a while, and, if you decide to go with someone else, that’s fine as well.

HypnoLab VR community · Created a new topic Buy again?

I already bought the game, but now when I go to the page, it says that it’s purchasable for $10. What’s up with that?

Is there another way to install this? Premise looks promising. Loved Snow Daze, but couldn’t figure it out.

Funny little game to play for five minutes, give or take. Reminds me of the first ‘Bartholomew Cubbins’ book by Dr. Seuss. It made me laugh, and that’s what I call a good game.

Giving up for now. Will come back when I feel like I can do better.

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@cleeshhaze; Good work. I love the tricky things you can do besides testing. I’ll figure it out someday, I just hope I will still be able to play the game, and be atracted to it.

OK, getting a little better, best was 5/10. I think the bee has some sigificance, but I don’t know what, and there’s another hint if you watch the screen carefully enough, I saw it too late.

So far, I’ve gotten ZERO right. I think I was there right after they had given away all the free powers, and I’m NOT going to pay $999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 to get them.

Doesn’t go into VR. Oculus Quest Link.