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I really liked the art/character designs, it added a nice charm to the game. The concept was also executed really well!

I can see how the feature might feel a bit out of place or optional. I feel like that's mostly due to the level design rather than the mechanic itself, as there is a chance of getting nothing when the dice rolls, so I had to make each level possible without using the power-up. But I'm happy you found it fun and thank you for playing and rating!

Thank you for the feedback! I agree with what you said about the enemies, as I actually had 2 unused enemies that would have been in the jam version. One of them would move 2 spaces at a time like you said and the other would move 1 space every other turn, but I was working in the free version of construct 3, so I was limited in what I could implement. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah I fully agree, all of those were in my initial scope, but sadly working as a solo team and using the free version of construct 3 really limited what I could do in the jam time limit. I will make a post jam version with updates for sure though.


Thanks for your feedback, and I appreciate you checking out the game. The main goal of this version was to improve on the beta of the game, which was my first attempt at making a platformer.

I recommend checking that out to see where I derived my ideas from and the improvement upon it.  Also yes I have a lot of new mechanics planned, so hopefully you'll come back to play it again once it's updated. But thanks again for checking it out!

MagesQuest is a 20 level single room platformer that revolves around you finding the key or the 5 coins in the level to progress. You need to avoid enemies and obstacles to get the collectables and get to the exit door. How fast can you escape? Can you go without dying once? Play to see!

Play here:

Play the beta here:

I would really appreciate any feedback or support on the game!

MagesQuest; The Full Release

The Second Best Game To Ever Exist