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Oh no I didn't see your post early enough so I couldn't play your game but a huge THANKS to your comment. This is the most helpful one I have. Really very much thanks and have a very great day! Bet you have a nice game, I'll try it out soon^^ 

Dunno if I'm allowed to answer or how to text you directly (maybe I don't see 'cause I'm on my phone right now) but I think about joining the jam and yeah I'm new to this, too (only made 2 games and one jam) but maybe it's fun to work together. Is there any place where I can write to you to team up (if you wanna)?

Thanks for your comment you motivated me very much :3 I'm happy to see that you enjoyed my little soundsystem! 

This one was really fun to play! Go on making such great games, I like it.

You did a really great job, your idea is really somehow creepy but also great :D

 And the graphics are supercool!

You´ve made a very great game! Playing it was awesome and I don´t have anything bad to say about it, I could enjoy it completely!

It was really fun to play :D And yes, my buddies were the best meat shilds ever. Nice minigame!

Oh this is a really nice one, I like it a lot!
Very good graphics, you have a nice sound system and well thought gamedesign. 

It sticks to the theme very good, nice to play!

It was so chilling and fun to play, really cool game :D 

It´s a really nice story! And very good art and graphics, the robot is so beautiful ^^

Still a nice idea!

 I am relaxed now, thanks :3

It´s beautiful but I didn´t have all the fun because the jumps were a little too hard to control for me.

It´s nice how you made it strategic. I needed a while until I got the concept right but it was fun to play :D

It reminds me of minecraft because of it´s graphics  and it´s nice walking through your world and descovering everything^^

Simple graphics, catching music and a nice game, you did a great job, I think. I like it!

This is an amazing game! This is the kind of game I am here for, so creative ^^

This is such a cute game! I love it! ^^

Without my friends I wouldn´t be able to kill that many zombies and survive for so long. Great game!

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts to the game :3 Hope you had fun to play and I wish you a nice time :)

A really cute one and good to play!

The way to refill everything with the cactus was very nice!

And walking through everything with a friend fit to the theme :)

Really cool and you have a good sound system^^ 

Also the idea is very creative and it was definitly fun to play and to please both of my personality-types :D

For your first unity game it´s a really nice one!

I like the froggy-design and the sounds are good, too. Only when froggy screams at me was a time when my ears started bleeding. But else froggy is a good friend :D

The environment is nice, especially the lights that rise from the ground. And even if walking on so many hills is a little bit tricky it was still ok :D

I think it fits to the theme very, very good.

Hope you make more games, it was fun to play :)

It´s short but I think it´s cute!

I like the style of the game. The fact that you have to klick on things and figure out what could be there

It´s really fun to play and has an interesting design! Well done!

(1 edit)

Everything in this game is so advanced and seems so complete to me that it seems like a small part of a big game :D

You´ve made a very greate game! Plus it fits to the theme perfectly!

But yes like in the comment below I was outside of the map, too. Just totally forgot that :D

Oh yes it was way better :D 

And the game remembered wehere I stopped the last time, that was a huge surprise!

Really cool, nice game! Got nothing bad to say about it :)

Jop that´s the thing that I missed :D Thanks for telling, I´ll try agin now with this information :D

Thanks for your comment and thanks for playing :) 

Oh yes you´re right. The games with the cover image are way cooler and more likely to be played, the next one is definitly gonna have a cover! But yes thanks to that!

Ok you´re right XD

But anyway don´t worry, it´s a really cool game! 

Wow I played this one for a very long time, I was just so busy with scaring :D It´s so cool! It only took a little long if the ghost had no or very low energy left. Had to wait for a long time then but I guess I should´ve planned it better :D Still really, really cool and enjoyable :)

Thanks and same back to you :)

Thank you very much for playing and thanks for your comment :) I give my best to make it better next time^^

But as I see Wink didn´t upload any project, did he?  (or did I find the wrong page maybe)

Even if the cats are a bit laggy I like their shilouette and the graphics are well made. But everyone knows the storyline and worldbuilding from "stray".  I know it can be a bit hard to not make similar games but I would´ve loved to see the game with more of your ideas.

It fits to the theme very well! And I like the graphics and the sound. How the fishes suddenly just spread some "eggs" and make new fishis is really funn.

Especially how they react to enemies and to food... this is incredible! This is what the game jam needs - interesting, innovative games like this. You´ve made so much out of the theme, just wow!

I feel the same. Would love to see this as a full game if the developers wanna bring it up :D

Nice puzzles they had to solve together, beautiful characters, fitting music and environment and yeah I played it through with all the fun, thanks for making this cool game!

"I´m sorry my sweet child but your friends can´t come to the party, I accidentally drowned all of them."

Just had this sentence in my mind while playing - all the time in my mind :D 

It´s a freaking cool game and even if I would want to I couldn´t complain about it. To me it´s really perfect. Thanks for making this play-experience!

What a nice playtime!

The monster could be a bit harder to fight, I think but still I had fun and I regret gaining power but my friends had to pay.... Jop I´m evil, that´s no good XD