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Pickle was a wonderful mewse.

Thank you so much! It was a goofy lil jam :)

The music is so good! Huge props to Eric. It's okay, you are not bad at brewing, the witch is >:)

You're welcome to use Scratch for the jam!

wow just wow

Thanks! If you need more prompts that would be helpful for an HM/GM like me, let me know and I can think of some specific examples I'm planning! I think what I need most right now would be ~

  • Example of a "small, medium, and large" enemy "stat blocks"
  • Example of how to apply "small medium large" enemies into encounters re difficulty: for example, being able to populate an area with many enemies vs one big enemy, or how to determine a "small encounter" vs a "boss encounter" - the D&D concept of "difficulty rating" is helpful there I think..!  The Cord Collector and Guile are great, but they have pretty wildly different stats (especially Wound Thresholds) so I'd have trouble knowing how difficult they are without doing a lot of trial and error rolling dice with fakie characters by myself
  • Example of enemies using "ranged vs melee" (or I guess in the scenario of Dead Halt, enemies being up front with combat vs using the environment)

Thanks for thinkin' on it!

Do you have any materials that might recommend how to adjust difficulty? I'd love to be able to make a small monster manual for myself that I can throw into any scenario when I run Dead Halt, but I have an unclear view of how to balance fight-based encounters without too many other enemies to model after (and considering what weapons my players could have) without a lot of trial and error. Any suggestions help, thanks!

!!! <3 <3 <3

Oh! He is too nasty!

Peanut Boy is my hero.