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Seems to be working perfectly with butler 14.3.0  :)


Thanks very much for the detailed information!  I appreciate the detail and the help.

I will digest all of this and will give it another try.  As I stated previously, my Mac knowledge is much more limited than my PC knowledge, and I wouldn't have been able to begin troubleshooting without your help.

I'm not really sure... but I basically uninstalled the old, installed the new, and v25 is up and running. 

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Using butler to push a MacOs .app file... everything seem to go well.  I then try to install the file via the app and it appears to install, but when I Launch the app, i get the following error:

could not get executable path for app bundle

My Mac experience is somewhat lacking.  I've been copying the app file to my PC to do the push.  I cannot find any successful way to do a push on my Mac... I open terminal, try to do any butler command, and get "command not found".

Is there a simple set of instrucitons on how to successfully upload an .app file AND a guide on how to get butler commands to work?  I am reading all these pages and I'm basically told that this is uber-simple, but it's not.  Modifying PATH on a file that does not exist on my machine, etc., makes this all the more confusing.


Guess not, so I just blew everything away and re-installed.


I downloaded the v25 updater, ran it, and it looked like everything worked... I got a notification that install was successful and that the itch app is starting up, but I see that the version number is still on 23.6.3.

Any idea?


Thanks for troubleshooting, and thanks for playing!

Thanks... I reuploaded a new file.  I am not sure what the issue was since the old file appeared to work for me.  I packaged and uploaded using the itch app.  If you are having further problems, please let me know and I will have to look into it further.

Thanks! I appreciate your comments and review!