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Finally got round to making  a Silent Hill style Music

I've been wanting to do this for a while now, and I'm glad I finally got this far.

I still have some tracks that I want to add to it so there will be updates in the NEAR future. Please let me know what you think

The pack is mostly SH style ambiences, drones, alternative rock music based from Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3.

Thanks for any support!

Thanks! That's great to hear!

Thanks, yeah, I didn't even really want to use the name pokemon in the title. (tbh i shouldnt).

but the sounds are completely unrelated and original. Ill probably change the name as I add more sounds and improve on them

Thanks! I used Logic Pro DAW to create the sounds, mostly the MiniBit Plugin. For some sounds I used harmonic plugins like bitcrusher to force the sampling down, then I exported the audio to Pro Tools where I used Varispeed, pitch shift (autotune) to manipulate the kind of raising and lowering of the cry.

I also exported them over a oversaturated drone for effect and printed them using a L3 Multimaximizer

I think I can get better variation with a different plug like logic stock EXS24

In the style of the original pokemon game for the Nintendo GAMEBOY. 

All of these sounds are original, copyright-free and free of charge

I have other sfx/voice and music as well

Hey everyone. I have a loc pack of 140MB of 780 1 - 4 second lines in for character dialogue and sounds/noises.

I'm looking to make Audio Localization more accessible.

In JAPAN, I worked for many years as a recording/mixing engineer, recording people like...

Rei Kugimiya (alphonse FMA, happy Fairy Tale, karin Bleach) 

Megumi Ogata (shinji Neo Evangelion, yugi YUGIOH, DANGANRONPA), 

Daichi Endo (Prince of Tennis)

Takahiro Fujiwara (jojo's bizarre adventure) and many others.


The whole pack idea works better for JPN to ENG, ebut if anybody can use affordable licensable Native JPN audio then I hope this pack can help

This is an example of audio that is currently in the pack available here


Lady store clerk - Welcome.wav

Lady store clerk - Welcome JPN.wav

Everything is based in English, translated Japanese audio is distinguishable by the JPN file name. 

Contains common sounds and lines for - Shop Clerk - Battle - NPC - Boss Voices - Monster voices - Monster sounds

This pack was to be used in conjunction with my horror pack as monster sounds but then I realized while I was playing some horror games, that they have bosses, shops... and female characters, monsters etc so I added a load of voices and it turned into this 😊.

Some but not all voices are done by me (large monsters, old witch) but there are multiple female/male and young VA takes.

Currently this pack contains around 800 tracks at 3-4 secs each.


My goal is to get enough funding to reach 7k tracks from 40 ENG/JPN voice actors by autumn 2024.

There are many amazing voice actors here in Japan and It would be amazing to get a large roster of unique voices, accessible for common lines in games


Thanks for reading & Follow me for more details. 

Prince AM

Bit Tunes (22 Tracks) -

Epic Battle Music  (17) -

are both now available for download for the first time!

I hope these packs can help as many projects as possible get closer to completion!

Bit Tune Pack - Is divided into 16bit tracks and 8 bit tracks. The former is made of catchy and speed songs for 2d adventure, both pack contain an extensive summary of all of the audio data for game implementation.

Bit Tunes (22 Tracks) -


Epic Battle Music

Made up of 17 tracks for action sequences, battles and intense scenes. 

Also contain win/game over music.

Epic Battle Music  (17) -

Both packs contain loop-able music

Let me know If I can help with custom music too!