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Ever wanted to play a nice driving game on your smartphone? what if we had Need For Speed Underground 2, Midnight Club, Real Racing 3, and Forza Horizon 4, then we mixed all of them in a lightweight game that you can play on your smartphone/pc, Imagine how awesome this would be, it sounds crazy but it will be easy to do, I want to have some people with me so everyone can focus only on his role and do the best he can do. We won't go crazy, it's a smartphone game so we won't have a big world or a lot of cars. And we will also won't have a tiny world and a small number of cars. We will be in the middle.

The Main Idea:
This project will be an open-world game, player will race in the streets of the city, earn money, then he chooses what he want to do with it, upgrade & customize the car or buy a new one.

Since we will be about 5-6 persons then we shouldn't take too long to finish the game. Deadline is: 1st of August, 2019

Targeted Platform(s):
• Android • Windows PC (port)

Roles Required:
• Cars/Car Parts 3D designer & modeller
• World designer & modeller
• UI/HUD designer
• Graphics & Particle Effects maker

Current Team Members:
• Sound Designer
• Composer
• Programmer

• Have a Discord account • Cooperator person • Uses Unity Engine

What's Already Done:
I have wrote an advanced code for a fully functional car, Day/Night system, XP & Levelling system, Coins system, and a basic car customization system.

Are You Interested?:
If you want to ask about anything or want to work with me on this project. Join the Discord Server:

What will you get?:
Everyone will have a cut from the game's revenue after we publish it. Everyone will also have their name in the game's credits and in the game's website. We are all equal, no one is better than the other.

About Me:
I'm Yousif Ragab, I have been using Unity since 2015, and I have been in C# programming for more than 3 years, I have 2 published titles with more than 90K downloads. I'm working on a big project with a studio, but I wanted to make this game for a long time.

Try the demo:

More Info About Gamer Pirate:

Hello, are you interested in an open-world racing project for smartphones and PCs?
Our team is currently 3 people (programmer, sound effects designer, music composer)
I'm looking for:
1- Cars/cars' parts designer
2- World designer

If you would like to know more:
If you are interested, here's our discord server:

You are welcome.

I hope you like the game :D

Hi Stavros! 

The Standard Edition was first made for smartphones and i just wanted it to be available for PCs too for free.

The PC Edition was the second edition made for the game after the release of Standard Edition by 1 month, it focused more on graphics, it's getting an update soon to increase the performance too! 

The Ultimate Edition is the best edition made for the game, it has HD textures, controller support, improved graphics and all the previuosly made problems were solved. It will get an update soon too, I'm just waiting for the Game Engine's team to fix a specific bug and then the update will be ready, there are 3 new cars with 90 more levels waiting to be added to this edition! 

P.S: All the editions have the same levels, the cars may be different and the game's look is different.

(If you haven't already got the game you can get it free on the next free sale that celebrates the first anniversary for Watch Out PC Edition) 

If you have any questions please let me know :) 

Yousif Ragab

Play with marbles and try to reach the Finish Line.
You have 1 chance only, No flashbacks, No another chance. If you fall you lose!

Marbles Playground is a ball scrolling puzzle game, All you need to do is reach the finish line without falling.. Looks easy, right? Try it NOW!

Available on Windows, Android.

You can try the Demo version before buying the game.

save 75% on Marbles Playground or you can get both the PC and the Mobile Editions of the game as a bundle at a discounted price!

Marbles Playground supports all screen ratios and supports 4K graphics.

Marbles Playground Pocket Edition's upcoming updates will fix problems and increase the graphics.

Sale will be live at:

PC Edition:

Pocket Edition:

Know more:

Gamer Pirate website:

YouTube Channel: