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Hahaha, thanks for the video...

You can download this game now...

Tap the screen to change the direction...

Download Horror Hotel 3 Now -


It's a horror game about a person who doesn't believe in ghosts and goes to a heritage haunted hotel but when he reaches on the top floor of that hotel he realizes that this place is really very dangerous so he tries to go back but exit door get locked but there is a another unlocked door but before that unlocked door there is a warning board that restricts him to go inside.

Now what will player do, How will he go back to his home?

How To Play:

'Arrow Keys' And 'WASD' To Move

'Shift' To Run

'E' To Interact

'C' To Crouch

Download Horror Hotel 3 Now -

Thanks for the video bro👍👍

Hey please check out my game

Here you can see my new games

Horror Hotel 2 game is now available to download

Download Now :-

After escaping from that hotel you reached a village by train

But it's still 3 o'clock in the night

You saw a hotel in front of the railway station and went inside


Thanks for playing...

Ok bro and thanks for playing

In next part of this game ( Horror Hotel 2 ) i may put the ability to attack

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing and making video of my game

Thanks for playing and making video of my game

And yeah I'll slow down the mouse sensitivity

Thanks For Playing

If you couldn't remember which door is locked then check all unopened doors

Horror Hotel Download Now

You were going somewhere but your car broke down

Then you saw a hotel and decided to stay in it

Suddenly your eyes opened at 2:00 a.m.

You saw some paranormal activities

Then you understand that you are trapped here

Now you have to go out of this horror hotel

Good Luck.

Horror Hotel Download Now

In this game all you have to do is go through  same color

Save your ball from all different colors and other things

It seems easy but it isn't

Take a try

Download Now

Ways And Ball Game


Download Ways And Ball Now

In this game you have to balance a ball on the floor and complete all the levels

Can you complete all the levels ?