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Cool game! The artwork was very good! It's always hard to do that challenge but I think you pulled it off! Nice and creepy!

Really cute! I love the art style and textures! It went a little differently than I expected, but I think that's a good thing! <3

Really creepy. I loved the creature's smile it was very scary! The true ending really surprised me, but I enjoyed all of it. Thanks for making this.

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Really fun game. I thought the deepest level was very clever. The attendant was very cute and some of the other characters were really scary! Thanks for making this!

This game is really scary. The whispering and breathing is really unnerving and unsettling. Perfect atmosphere and vibe!

Yay! That makes me really happy to hear. Thank you!

Yay that's so awesome to hear! Thank you very much! <3

I really enjoyed playing this game! The artwork and stories for each of the characters are so good. It looks super professional! It's a great combination of cute and bittersweet at times.

I love the artwork in this game! The demon was so super cool looking. Great to play for Halloween! I tried to voice act it as I played along.

That was both wacky and fun! I loved how weird the doctor was. I really enjoyed the 8-bit style a lot. I'd like to know more about his story!

I love the art style. I like the idea of a single image that you can scroll through but the problem is that the text goes by so fast and the scrolling of the picture is so fast it hurts the eyes as well as makes it hard to read comfortably. I'm a slow reader so maybe that's just me. Definitely needs more to it but it was nice of you to share your practice work.

Really cute and relaxing game. I enjoyed how chill it was. The cat's different expressions were all so adorable.

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The wording is very telling rather than showing with you the creator as the focus rather than the story.

You need to switch your focus to the game itself. Sell me the story. For example your opening line "The story talks about a recruit who's the offspring of two different races, your goal is to find out to which race he belongs to and win the imminent war." Remove "the story talks about". Then you need to get rid of the passive voice and make me feel interested. Try something like "The imminent war must be won and the only one who can stop it is you, a recruit who's the offspring of the two different races at odds."

Do you see what I mean? I hope that helps you.

I loved how cute colorful and crazy this game was. It made being a yandere almost seem normal. I'm looking forward to playing the sequel. Please keep making such cute funny games.

Wow really nice! I love the background. I can't help but feel like the guy's clothes aren't shaded in the same style though. His legs especially are looking pillow shaded. I think. I feel like his legs below the knee would be darker than the thigh, so probably the highlight at the top shouldn't carry all the way down the leg like that.

Oh I love the retro vibe! Totally cute!

Looks pillow shaded. You'd improve by figuring out where your light source is. Most games have light in the upper left. Right now it looks like the light is directly in the center but at the same time the top is lighter than the bottom. It's super cute though! Also don't be afraid to shade the outline lines themselves.

This game is amazing! I love it! Such high quality. Lucette is quite the character and totally different than most protagonists. Please keep making games! You have the talent!

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This game was truly adorable! I loved all the little details like the hand coming out to steal the word lunch. It was really funny and I loved playing through all the endings. I loved the humor. Please keep making games!

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I really loved this game. I thought it was so cute! I really felt for poor Froggy and almost cried playing this. It really got to my heart. Please keep making games.