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Galway Game Jam

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If you want to chat or ask for help:

The theme for Galway Game Jam 9 is: Anthropomorphism.

"Anthropomorphism: The attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to a god, animal, or object"

Hey, we're getting an error saying there needs to be all the files next to the .exe
Can you Zip your build with the assets and upload it to your game page?

The theme is Resist!

Mod: Americana, for those who want an extra thing!

Good luck!

Hey folks,

Welcome to the Galway Game Jam 7 community forums!

When using the community forums here please be nice and respectful, or rather don't be a jerk.
Any decisions made by Galway Game Jam forum moderators on any given moderation issue are final and by using these forums you agree to this. If you have any complaints please notify us and we will deal with them appropriately. If you have any issue with our complaints procedure or have any idea's on how we can improve it please contact our organisers at

Thank you!

Galway Game Jam Team

Pity, can you submit your broken build?

You can then fix it at your leisure.

Hey everyone!
If you have any issues submitting your game you can message here and we'll try sort it out :)

You can try using art from or similar - just be sure to mention any use of other resources in the submission entry. Can't wait to see your gas art! The perspective of history being explored at the gamejam is gas craic indeed.

We've had some people come and go, so our once free people are now engaged with a team on site. Sorry!

That is quite nice of you! Do you need a graphics person or anyone else on your team?

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The theme for Galway Game Jam 6 is...

History Re-written

Good luck!

Setting up! See you soon folks <3

Prizes have been purchased!

Discuss things, general things.

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The Galway Game Jam 5 Theme is:


For me it conjures images of distortion, curving and skewing reality under a strain or stress. Whatever Warp means to you will help guide you down your path to creating your game over this gamejam. We wish you all the best!

Galway Game Jam 5 community · Created a new topic General

A topic for general discussion among game jam participants.