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General Discussion

A topic by Galway Game Jam created May 10, 2016 Views: 267 Replies: 8
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Discuss things, general things.


Prizes have been purchased!


Setting up! See you soon folks <3

Gonna take part online, bought my ticket a while ago but picked up man-flu at Inis Spraoi and don't want to pass it on to fellow jammers


That is quite nice of you! Do you need a graphics person or anyone else on your team?

Sorry, only saw this now. Yeah, if someone wants to join me that'd be great. I'm using Fungus for Unity (for the first time).


We've had some people come and go, so our once free people are now engaged with a team on site. Sorry!

All good, my artwork is gas anyway...


You can try using art from or similar - just be sure to mention any use of other resources in the submission entry. Can't wait to see your gas art! The perspective of history being explored at the gamejam is gas craic indeed.