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Suggest a theme!

A topic by Darren Kearney created Sep 17, 2018 Views: 347 Replies: 9
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Hey folks, use this thread to suggest a theme for the gamejam!

I'm going to suggest the same theme used in the recent Game Makers Toolkit jam:

  • "Genre without Mechanic"

You would form your game around this theme like these examples: strategy without units, platformer without jumping, first-person shooter without aiming.

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I made a joke about the "Ministry for of Silly Games" the last time and Alanna said that could be a theme for this time so I guess I'm suggesting Silliness.

And also Trick the Player.

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Jam HostSubmitted


Perhaps, since October is right around the corner, maybe an Oktoberfest themed game? Bratwurst, beer, polka music? (I also am a pretty good tuba player, lol)

Assasin-ish game. To kill bad guys do not get seen doing it. I know its dark

cows and creativity

my suggestion is jiggly / jittery


Theme suggestions:


Big things that are small and small things that are big

Artificial intelligence 

Spooky robots

Opposite day