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The theme is: Wild

The Ardán theme is: Wild Galway

You can choose which theme to follow for your game.

Ardán will follow up with jammers who have chosen the Wild Galway theme if their game or idea is something that Ardán believes has potential to develop further. Ardán, with Galway City Council, are creating some supports to help jammers further develop these games. Questions about the Wild Galway Games Initiative can be sent to

Wow, well done! A PICO-8 masterpiece!

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Wow, VO!
Interesting characters, fun pixel art and animations.
Well done folks, great effort and I look forward to seeing what yee do in the future!

Haha thanks!

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Interesting premise and I'm scared about it being too real. What is reality? Yikes!

There were a few little bugs and such, but well done on making a game for the jam!

I had to pop the screen over to my larger desktop monitor to play through. Looks like a lot of story in here and I look forward to seeing where this game can go.

Antunes10 mentioned using Ren'py, it would also be capable of achieving the vision for the game more smoothly as it has many of these features built in. Though it might be tricker to display the statuses as you have them.

Again, well done!

Cactus ghosts. Thank you now I will forever be haunted!Sadly the sfx and music loop is pretty harsh, but ye great fun! Superbly scoped game for a jam.


Great stuff!

Would love to see some particle effects or something to display the strength of the void force!
Music and art are gorgeous. Great use of theme. Well done folks!

Made during the live-development segments of Galway Game Jam 18 livestreams on twitch.

okay, good luck! :D

Hi, I love this asset! I've used it in making a 1GAM challenge and would love to chat to you about making ome more art for my game in the future.

lovely little world! great job! :D

can't play it! please upload a playable version

Hilarious and hygenic. Well done!

It's crazy to see online multiplayer implemented at a gamejam! well done.

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The theme is Community Spirit

Hi folks,

Here's a short list of online resources to help you learn how to make your own mods for NWN using the Aurora Toolset.

Feel free to add more links to this thread.

Good luck!

- Darren

If you notice any sales on any platforms for Neverwinter Nights, please drop a link in this thread. Thank you!

At time of writing this (and launching the jam) you can pick up the Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition at a 50% discount on

Awesome work! I love the hidden network connect concept and MUST praise the use of anaglyph glasses! <3

Hilariously, we have similar visual interpretations on how to convey these networks! The wobbly lines, and representation of resources os circles or blobs! I guess we must have been connected to very similar sources over the internets, haha!

We are applying for a small amount of regional funding to develop a new prototype up to a state of a playable demo. We've taken a different direction with our visuals - something our team is more familiar with - and have a lot of work ahead of us. We have something interesting in our Game Design Document, but sure these things grow and change when you see them in real life.

I'd love to keep in touch! Thanks for sharing your other references, I'll be sure to let you know if I find more interesting sources on mycelium or mycorrihzal networks stuff :D

Thanks for doing this.

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Wow! Fair play on your game, it's lovely.

I'm also working on a game around the same fascinating topic. It's in the early stages but it seems people enjoy learning about this stuff. There are so many systems at play in nature, all interconnected and dependant, it's mind blowing stuff. I'd love to see this stuff being taught to younger children, hopefully it would give our human selves more appreciation for what we are collectively destroying.

Thanks for sharing the link! I don't know enough about this stuff but it is fascinating and would love to learn more. The Hidden Life of Tree's is also pretty decent.

 If you'd like to chat more about gamedev or this topic of fungi, feel free to reach out!

Wow, I don't think I've ever publicly shared my notions of the Irish language before - I didn't realize I had so much to say about it!

There's a big nervous/anxious feeling come over me now, and I am seriously considering deleting all of these rants. That said I also know that I'm trying to make the Irish language relevant to me - and I'm doing something about it - so I guess it's not too bad.... (yikes...)

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Ah ye. That's the way we're collectively headed I suppose. English is the language of trade in the "west" and also the language of technology. My view of the language being on life support is likely uncomfortable and inflammatory to a lot of folks in Ireland and abroad who speak it. If you look at the census data from 2011 you will see that while the majority of the Republic of Ireland report to have some knowledge of Irish, only a small minority report to using Irish daily. I think it tells you a lot about the attitudes - people like to think they know Irish when they don't really. Only a few thousand people filled in their census for using Irish. The Bank of Ireland offers Irish as a language for their ATM's, and report less than 1% usage of this feature. I know I used it out of curiosity a few times, but I didn't understand it - I used my memory of the English version UI to actually get cash out.

It is a sensitive topic in Ireland. The Irish language is wrapped up in Irish identity. During British occupation the language was made illegal. This obviously had a terrible effect of the language. Coupled with the economic incentive of speaking English and you get the destruction of the native language pretty quick. A lot of effort has been put in to preserve the Irish language since the establishment of the Irish state, with varying degrees of effort and success.

Opinions that express any negativity towards Irish or it's demise are often taken as an attack and can cause a defensive reaction in native speakers. I expect that my words here would be hurtful to many though I feel like I'm laying out the state of the language in the country in a real way, at least for millennial folks, and my gripe is mostly that the curriculum in compulsory Irish education failed me. I didn't speak Irish in Irish classes - I wrote it, and made a half-arsed attempt to learn the rules, but was never in a situation where we would be having a chat in Irish. For my Irish oral exam on the Leaving Cert, I took grinds outside of school where I prepared a few paragraphs of fluff about my life and interests and some vague notions about current affairs and simply learned it rote. When the examiner asked me a question I just paused for a moment, then continued on my rant. I passed the exam. I can probably order a cup of tea in Irish and say that it's raining outside, apart from that my Irish is non-existant.

There's a lot of baggage, things are looking kind of bleak for it's future if you peal back a layer of politeness about it, and the government heads like to stick their fingers in their ears and shout "THIS IS FINE!" to any narrative that says otherwise.

For example, the minister for the Gaeltacht (or maybe the previous one?) did not speak Irish so had to learn it (sometimes they said things that were unintentionally hilarious to Irish speakers!). They also would not accept the realities faced by the language, they only ever painting a positive picture - as if that would somehow make things better. A politician or two called this out regularly with the facts, but were always met with a sort of "I don't know what you are talking about, it's all doing fine, great even!" - so no real action could be ever be taken. Eww, politics. My heart goes out to anyone who is wrestling to make changes within this political system, it's gravity setting is way too high.

I would say that there is a cohort of people who speak Irish with strong nationalist identity or patriotism, and feel hard done by having to speak English in their own country to their own people in order to be understood. I'm not a native speaker, though I clearly have an interest in the language I am quite embarrassed by not being able to speak it. People are very quick to remark if you are incorrect, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can feel like a gate-keeping thing. For example, native Irish speakers can easily detect if someone has learned to speak Irish in school - because the person who learned it in education will have learned a sort of "standardised" Irish (even though they study three different dialects), they will not have common slang, and will often resort to direct translations of English phrases into Irish, that don't really make sense in Irish (Béarlachas). So you see, I find it quite intimidating to speak to a native speaker; I feel like a cringeworthy yuppie who's crashing a party trying to be cool, earnestly saying all the slang words wrong.
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For Procjam, I am making a scripting language that uses the language of Irish (Gaelige) for it's reserved words, and support for unicode characters in identifiers. I have named it Cód (sounds like "code", and handily means the same thing, probably one of those "new" irish words :P). I can already feel the heritage coursing through my veins, some spirit of ancient Gaelic folklore is being channeled through me, into my laptop and now into your face.

You may ask, why bother making a new scripting language?
I'll answer with a spicy-hot take of a question: Why bother speaking Irish?

The reason for making this language is personal - I was born and grew up in Ireland, and have a strange relationship with the Irish language. I learned Irish at school (very poorly, never having actual conversation in class, only rote learning and studying prose, boring!) though I never used it in real life in Ireland - because everyone around me in my life speaks English.

Where can you find people who speak Irish?

The Irish language is mostly kept alive in rural parts of Ireland called the Gaeltacht, which are designated by government as Irish-speaking regions, and you must speak Irish to live there. Some school children travel there to learn Irish for two weeks over the summer, and report that they have a great time while actually learning Irish properly for the first time in there lives as they are immersed in the language for the first time.

Is the Irish language an endangered language?

Irish is an official language of the Republic of Ireland, so the government is forced to produce a copy of everything it does through Irish and English (also an official language), and have some government staff that speak Irish. There are also initiatives to fund projects that have something to do with the Irish language, mostly television/radio/animation/theatre. There might be some Irish language computer games out there, but at the moment at least they are unlikely to have been funded!

I don't have any interest in being a politician or working in education, so the Irish language has no economic impact on my life really. If I may be lucky enough to live to old age, I could live each day through all of that time without speaking Irish or knowing Irish and that would have no affect on my life. This, to me personally, is very sad. While it seems, to me at least, that the Irish language may be gaining a little popularity in recent years (with language learning apps and better education techniques), I would label it's vitality as being a language on life-support. I do not like that.

So I asked myself this question: "What would make Irish relevant for me?" and the answer is simple, use it as a means to learn more about game development and computer science in general. What better way to do that then create an Irish programming language? (If you can think of another way that is better or easier, please let me know!)

While I learned some Irish in school, I've mostly forgotten them, and whatever I think I remember is probably wrong anyway. There are some concepts that I think are unique to the Irish language that I would like to try and translate into some concepts in the scripting language - like when a person describes that they feel an emotion, the literal translation of the Irish language equivalent makes little sense in English because you have the emotion "on" you. The way people speak English in Ireland actually has a bunch of these concepts borrowed/inherited directly from Irish, which makes sense because they are the same people who were forced to speak English. Some academics even study these linguistic differences and have termed the English dialects spoken in Ireland as Hiberno-English.

By making Cód, my first time making programming language and having Irish syntax, I get these two benefits:

  • I will learn a good deal about how programming languages work. Fantastic.
  • I will be forced to learn at least a few Irish words and phrases that convey programming syntax; things like functions, loops and conditionals.

There is also a slight chance that somebody else on this planet may find it entertaining, if not useful, to use Cód to learn some Irish, or have practical use for the Irish language, like me. Time will tell!

If you are interested in following this project, or my other projects, you can get updates sent to your inbox. No spam. Only little letters to you about what I'm up to.

Looks nice. I love the colours and fun animations.

Lovely, makes one appreciate tea even more! 5/5

2 evenings went in to figuring this out. The jam is over, but the game is not finished. I reckon I'll work on it in the evenings this week to finish it for next week, if anyone cares! :3

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1GAM Galway ( and Spud of EliteGamer ) suggest having additional points, or bonus points, or multipliers to increase your score for in-game actions.

Especially for "grazing" objects.

Developer feedback on suggestion:
I wholeheartedly agree. This will be a focus on future updates.

Report: Sometimes on reseting to a new game, the current hi score drops by a point or two.

Hi bug hunters!
Please post any bugs you find here!

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Spud of EliteGamer has suggested making a mobile game version, using touch to move left and right.

Developer feedback on suggestion:
TL;DR: I'll look into it!
Adding support for mobile is pretty tricky, though there is at least one library available that has an adaptation of an on-screen controller.

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I encourage you to share any suggestions you have about the game.

What do you think would make the game more fun to play?

Is there anything you felt go in the way of the fun?

Go into as much detail as you like. Thanks so much for sharing and helping me make the game more fun for everyone!

Press X or Z to get through the text READY, STEADY, GO!

I hope that helps!

Please share out the Jam to your game dev friends.

Last Minute contributions are very much on-theme!

Best of luck to everyone today!

  Your descriptions of the audio are very accurate! Now I can't stop hearing them, haha.

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The theme was voted on and the result came in a while ago on Discord and shared on social media. Putting it here too (kind of needed to do this first!)

You might need a little more inspiration, so I'll put some starting points out here for you. 

The theme came from a Monty Python sketch. Check it out that sketch here if you like:

What is silly?


having or showing a lack of common sense or judgement; absurd and foolish.

  • ridiculously trivial or frivolous.
  • used to convey that an activity or process has been engaged in to
    such a degree that someone is no longer capable of thinking or acting sensibly.

What makes something silly?I suppose it is something that is *not* serious.

What is serious?

 1. demanding or characterized by careful consideration or application.

  • solemn or thoughtful in character or manner.
  • (of music, literature, or other art forms) requiring or meriting deep reflection.

What is a silly game?

A silly game would fall under the silly category. Or at the very least some combination of silly and serious. Please submit your Silly Game to the the Administration of the Ministry of Silly Games before the deadline. Good luck!