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Etetgame community · Created a new topic Bug Reports
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Hi. Best alpha I've played. Well done!
There is a bug in the single player in which the game freezes during AI turn.
Console message said AI "waiting for sequence to end".
Running Windows 10. Lenovo Legion Y540 (GTX 1660 Ti)

Good luck on the game!

At the moment it is without audio so it needs some editing. I did not want to capture other people at the game jam who might not be up for having their voice on a video.

What would you be most interested in getting out of the screen recording?

I made a screen recording of making this game.
I travelled down from Galway to Cork for the jam, and was delighted to take part. I started at about 13:45 so only had 3 hours.
I designed the game so that I can easily add more levels and more shapes.
I plan to add more levels over the weekend while demoing at Itzacon.

Thanks everyone!

Thanks to Arnklit for organising a great in-person game jam!

I used this jam as an opportunity for personal growth as a jammer and refractor some game jam code from a previous jam into something that will help me in future game jams. Very meta!

Thanks or the Windows build. Feels nice and relaxing.


Solid gameplay, love the procgen levels and general simple aesthetic. Well done!

Solid gameplay, love the procgen levels and general simple aesthetic. Well done!

Tastey visuals, love the procgen levels.

No real connection to the theme from what I can see, but that doesn't really matter. A very solid game! Well done!

I don't seem to be able to use the arrow keys to dodge, but this game is something special. Well done and thank you for your submission!

While I don't really get the relationship to the theme, but the game is beautiful and it works, and has audio! Great job in such a short time.

Can you please add credits for the different roles (art, programming etc).? Thanks!

Nice idea!
Also, pretty solid implementation. ;)

Nice! Waves of soldiers in different formations is a nice touch.

Well done for less than 6 hours! Can't wait to see how things progress on Day 2!

It works!

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The theme is: Wild

The Ardán theme is: Wild Galway

You can choose which theme to follow for your game.

Ardán will follow up with jammers who have chosen the Wild Galway theme if their game or idea is something that Ardán believes has potential to develop further. Ardán, with Galway City Council, are creating some supports to help jammers further develop these games. Questions about the Wild Galway Games Initiative can be sent to

Wow, well done! A PICO-8 masterpiece!

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Wow, VO!
Interesting characters, fun pixel art and animations.
Well done folks, great effort and I look forward to seeing what yee do in the future!

Haha thanks!

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Interesting premise and I'm scared about it being too real. What is reality? Yikes!

There were a few little bugs and such, but well done on making a game for the jam!

I had to pop the screen over to my larger desktop monitor to play through. Looks like a lot of story in here and I look forward to seeing where this game can go.

Antunes10 mentioned using Ren'py, it would also be capable of achieving the vision for the game more smoothly as it has many of these features built in. Though it might be tricker to display the statuses as you have them.

Again, well done!

Cactus ghosts. Thank you now I will forever be haunted!Sadly the sfx and music loop is pretty harsh, but ye great fun! Superbly scoped game for a jam.


Great stuff!

Would love to see some particle effects or something to display the strength of the void force!
Music and art are gorgeous. Great use of theme. Well done folks!

Made during the live-development segments of Galway Game Jam 18 livestreams on twitch.

okay, good luck! :D

Hi, I love this asset! I've used it in making a 1GAM challenge and would love to chat to you about making ome more art for my game in the future.

lovely little world! great job! :D

can't play it! please upload a playable version

Hilarious and hygenic. Well done!

It's crazy to see online multiplayer implemented at a gamejam! well done.

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The theme is Community Spirit

Hi folks,

Here's a short list of online resources to help you learn how to make your own mods for NWN using the Aurora Toolset.

Feel free to add more links to this thread.

Good luck!

- Darren

If you notice any sales on any platforms for Neverwinter Nights, please drop a link in this thread. Thank you!

At time of writing this (and launching the jam) you can pick up the Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition at a 50% discount on

Awesome work! I love the hidden network connect concept and MUST praise the use of anaglyph glasses! <3

Hilariously, we have similar visual interpretations on how to convey these networks! The wobbly lines, and representation of resources os circles or blobs! I guess we must have been connected to very similar sources over the internets, haha!

We are applying for a small amount of regional funding to develop a new prototype up to a state of a playable demo. We've taken a different direction with our visuals - something our team is more familiar with - and have a lot of work ahead of us. We have something interesting in our Game Design Document, but sure these things grow and change when you see them in real life.

I'd love to keep in touch! Thanks for sharing your other references, I'll be sure to let you know if I find more interesting sources on mycelium or mycorrihzal networks stuff :D

Thanks for doing this.

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Wow! Fair play on your game, it's lovely.

I'm also working on a game around the same fascinating topic. It's in the early stages but it seems people enjoy learning about this stuff. There are so many systems at play in nature, all interconnected and dependant, it's mind blowing stuff. I'd love to see this stuff being taught to younger children, hopefully it would give our human selves more appreciation for what we are collectively destroying.

Thanks for sharing the link! I don't know enough about this stuff but it is fascinating and would love to learn more. The Hidden Life of Tree's is also pretty decent.

 If you'd like to chat more about gamedev or this topic of fungi, feel free to reach out!