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Looks nice. I love the colours and fun animations.

Lovely, makes one appreciate tea even more! 5/5

2 evenings went in to figuring this out. The jam is over, but the game is not finished. I reckon I'll work on it in the evenings this week to finish it for next week, if anyone cares! :3

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1GAM Galway ( and Spud of EliteGamer ) suggest having additional points, or bonus points, or multipliers to increase your score for in-game actions.

Especially for "grazing" objects.

Developer feedback on suggestion:
I wholeheartedly agree. This will be a focus on future updates.

Report: Sometimes on reseting to a new game, the current hi score drops by a point or two.

Hi bug hunters!
Please post any bugs you find here!

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Spud of EliteGamer has suggested making a mobile game version, using touch to move left and right.

Developer feedback on suggestion:
TL;DR: I'll look into it!
Adding support for mobile is pretty tricky, though there is at least one library available that has an adaptation of an on-screen controller.

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I encourage you to share any suggestions you have about the game.

What do you think would make the game more fun to play?

Is there anything you felt go in the way of the fun?

Go into as much detail as you like. Thanks so much for sharing and helping me make the game more fun for everyone!

Press X or Z to get through the text READY, STEADY, GO!

I hope that helps!

Please share out the Jam to your game dev friends.

Last Minute contributions are very much on-theme!

Best of luck to everyone today!

Thanks for the submission! :D

  Your descriptions of the audio are very accurate! Now I can't stop hearing them, haha.

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The theme was voted on and the result came in a while ago on Discord and shared on social media. Putting it here too (kind of needed to do this first!)

You might need a little more inspiration, so I'll put some starting points out here for you. 

The theme came from a Monty Python sketch. Check it out that sketch here if you like:

What is silly?


having or showing a lack of common sense or judgement; absurd and foolish.

  • ridiculously trivial or frivolous.
  • used to convey that an activity or process has been engaged in to
    such a degree that someone is no longer capable of thinking or acting sensibly.

What makes something silly?I suppose it is something that is *not* serious.

What is serious?

 1. demanding or characterized by careful consideration or application.

  • solemn or thoughtful in character or manner.
  • (of music, literature, or other art forms) requiring or meriting deep reflection.

What is a silly game?

A silly game would fall under the silly category. Or at the very least some combination of silly and serious. Please submit your Silly Game to the the Administration of the Ministry of Silly Games before the deadline. Good luck!


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Hey folks, use this thread to suggest a theme for the gamejam!

I'm going to suggest the same theme used in the recent Game Makers Toolkit jam:

  • "Genre without Mechanic"

You would form your game around this theme like these examples: strategy without units, platformer without jumping, first-person shooter without aiming.

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Please link any useful resources in this thread!
I'll get started with some links to commonly used game engines and tools:

Check out awesome lists on github

Magic Tools, list of game development tools -

This looks hilarious! Pity I can't play but I don't mind. I just love that it exists.

I got a taco, which is awesome. Then I got confused, which is an important feeling to be comfortable with.
Fair play for the submission, a little buggy or at least maybe it felt like it? I don't know. Best of luck with it!

Thanks, How Awfully Nice! Keep Sleeping!

Dave, my name is Darren but thanks for noting my appreciation! You are too kind.

The will to live is strong in some. They provide you, the harbringer of death, with the most fun. Until the end.

An intense competitive planetary extinction sci-fi space sim. Truly one of the greatest  local multiplayer nuclear-winter-em-up's.

The subtler undertones of scathing political criticism are delicious. Simultaneously tasteful, menacing and meme-able. A critic could draw comparisons to the application of sarcastic cold-war ero retro-future pastiche present post-Brexit referendum game jam games, and their doomsday indictments. That made no sense.

This game achieves fun. Give it a go.

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Playing as a zombie was a lot of fun. It has really taken the series in a new direction, again.

I especially enjoyed the video friction of the zombie bite. As a player, I felt the thrill of sinking your zombie maw into fresh human in tasteful satisfying audio visual feedback.

And to think, the creators made this after being exposed to that same zombie virus, having only 2 days to create it! Congratulations.

Ha thanks!

The game came out surprisingly complete.  Got the minimal core loop in there I guess and on time enough for myself and Dave to make a silly developer let's play.   Dave can really chop down to the core and not get carried away with the nice to haves. I learned a lot from this jam working with him.

Just curious, does it work in your pocket chip at all or does it need an extra controller?

Got an invalid link.

I'm loving this! It has surprisingly complete 'feel', the movement of run-gun-bot and weapons. It is a rewarding game that makes you feel some mastery over it, I think mostly in part of the forgiveness of invincibility as opposed to a more retro style insta-death on being hit. I've not completed the game yet, but it has served as a pleasurable way to spend some time. I look forward to following your game dev journey! :D

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So I've only just found time enough to sit down and get stuck in. The information here is great, thanks to everyone for chiming in! :D

From my limited reading I have managed to grasp the scope of the project; programming a fantasy console is basically exactly the same as programming an emulator. The only difference I can tell is that you are also writing the programming manual for the fantasy console at the same time. Great!

So for anyone completely new to this idea (like me) it would be a Good Idea to have a look at some emulator tutorials to get a grasp of what is happening.
Here's a bunch of links:


Fantasy Consoles: - open source, so you can have a look-see

If you have a link to a decent article or helpful resource please drop it here, as it may be useful for more than just myself! :D

No worries! I'm glad the confusion has been sorted. Thanks for stopping by!

Well is a nice place. :)


I went down a well of research and came across a notion of using a scripting language to write one initially, because that's what I'm most familiar with (python).

If I write it in a modular way then later I can rewrite parts in a systems language (for some reason Rust has peaked my interest there) or include some C libraries if that's allowed in the rules.

I already feel like this undertaking will improve my programming skills by a whole level. D:

Thank you for your informative post!

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Hey folks,

I'm interested in the jam however I'm not sure where to start.

Do fantasy consoles need to be programmed in system level languages like C or C++ or can I use a scripting language like Python or Lua?
Please share some links if possible, I'd like other people to find this useful too!

Thanks :D

Lot's broken at the moment. I'd advise not bothering to play it until the gamejam deadline is up at the very least.

Thanks for the submission glock, we're getting the game jammers to play your game now :D

So I'm making a fantasy text game using Twine and I've spent the last half hour reading about elvish fonts. Apparently there was/is an effort to create a Unicode Standard for Tengwar, the elvish written script created by J.R.R. Tolkien for the Lord of the Rings. The things people do!

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If you want to get in touch simply reply here,

or feel free to join this discord server:

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Hi folks!
I won't be able to make it to Belfast, but I'm able to work remotely.

If that's cool with you and you need someone else on your team (coder/artist) send me a message.

Happy jamming!

Hi folks,
I'd like to start making games as a hobby. Last year I ran a series of local game jams, and learned a lot from them.,,,

This year I plan on doing all of the One Game A Month challenges to help me learn the many different aspects of game development.

I like that this gamejam has a focus on release. For me this will be a great goal to aim towards as I'll have to get really focussed on making a tiny game that is as complete as possible.

I'm not sure what I'll be making at the moment, or if I will be making games with other people.
In any case, you can follow or message me here and on twitter @darrencearnaigh

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Lilac Soul's Script Generator is pretty damn handy.

The Bioware forums for NWN are down it seems. But you can always use the Wayback Machine to reach older content.

The nwn wikia page is decent. Here's some tips on making your first module.