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Awesome work! I love the hidden network connect concept and MUST praise the use of anaglyph glasses! <3

Hilariously, we have similar visual interpretations on how to convey these networks! The wobbly lines, and representation of resources os circles or blobs! I guess we must have been connected to very similar sources over the internets, haha!

We are applying for a small amount of regional funding to develop a new prototype up to a state of a playable demo. We've taken a different direction with our visuals - something our team is more familiar with - and have a lot of work ahead of us. We have something interesting in our Game Design Document, but sure these things grow and change when you see them in real life.

I'd love to keep in touch! Thanks for sharing your other references, I'll be sure to let you know if I find more interesting sources on mycelium or mycorrihzal networks stuff :D