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Hi, Can you try installing and running the game through the itch application? This article describes some challenges with mac builds for why sometimes Mac complains about the file being damaged.


Can you provide more details about where exactly it gets stuck? (Attach a screenshot or copy the text on screen or describe the scene that was playing.)

Has skipping worked on other routes? Were you able to toggle the button on (the skip button should turn periwinkle) and nothing happened? Do you have "Skip all text" toggled on in Settings?

Thanks for the detailed workaround!

What MacOS version are you using? We tested it on Catalina and High Sierra and didn't have the bouncing issue (though it is certainly a known one that we constantly have to develop workarounds for!!).

What Mac OS version are you using? What behavior does the app exhibit when you try to open it? For example, does the icon bounce and then disappear, or it doesn't appear in the dock at all, etc.

Thanks for the feedback. Do any specific abrupt transitions come to mind?


Thanks for your detailed review <3. Glad you enjoyed the game! If you send any specific typos or bugs our way, we can try to push a patch (such as Lee's stubble disappearing ... )

There is no voice acting, so it is not a bug.

There are no R18 scenes/cgs.

Hello, can you try downloading the update and launching ``? It will launch a Terminal window (you can ignore this), and after a moment, the game should launch.

You'll want to launch the "" file.

Woops! There was a minor bug locking off his route. You should be able to access it with the latest version. Let us know if you still have issues accessing it!

Hey there! We're just waiting on some final CGs :) Our artist had to take a bit of time off, so as soon as those are in, we'll be ready to release!

Here's a choices walkthrough, courtesy of co-author Juliane Ashwood!

Thank you!