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Thank you! Yes, unfortunately I was not able to really fully flesh out the game due to time constraints. I do intend to finish it, and it will include a very important guide on how to run the game! I actually have a bunch of illustrations for the game as well, which will also be included in the finished version.

Appreciate the feedback!

We used these backgrounds in addition to the backgrounds provided in TROIKA! to double the number of options. It really created an interesting group dynamic when we decided that the player who rolled "Restless Spirit" would be the dead parent of the player who rolled a "Vengeful Child." These are a great addition to the game!

I like how you could play this game with a party of non-lethal PCs and not feel like you are missing out on anything mechanically. I could see using this in a bunch of different settings - from hyper realistic to oddball fantasy. The booklet design is top-notch, too. Rules are written in a very accessible way. 

The backgrounds here are fantastic, and much like Troika!, it gives you just enough description to fill in the blanks in your own way.

Really nice addition of extra mechanics- especially the hit location and poker game. 

This game accomplishes a lot in such a little amount of space. I can easily see myself using the mission generator and the yokai table in so many different settings. I really like the cursed die mechanic. It adds a push-your-luck element that lets you get a "succeed but with consequence" effect. 

This is amazing! I love the rotating GM aspect and that this game is two-player. Definitely printed this one out to play on a game night.