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How strange, we have plenty of Steam keys left! You need to manually claim the Steam download key - does it give you an error when you try to?

Sorry about that! We changed how the archive is packaged between the first build and the second - deleting everything and redownloading it should fix the issue. Your preferences are saved in your /Appdata/ folder, so you won't lose any of your presets either!

No problem, I appreciate you looking into this!

I've attached a script to each STM object in my scene that renders a duplicate on top of it and changes the original into a specified shadow color, and that does the trick.

I just tried changing this value and it seems to have no effect. I also tried changing the line in STMCustomInspectorTools that forces it to always be 0.5f to something else, but still no change.

That would be wonderful, thank you! I can let you know if there's a performance hit on my end. Worst case scenario, I can add a script to duplicate the text underneath as a shadow during runtime.

I've been using Super Text Mesh in our project for a few years now, really enjoying its versatility! I'm using the dropshadow + outline shader for my text, and I've noticed that the outline does not cast a shadow, nor is there an option to made the drop shadow thicker to match. Could this potentially be added as a feature in a future version of the shader?

Just tried it out and it works! Thanks for the quick response!

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I've been having good success with Super Text Mesh for our current game project and its speech bubbles/dialog boxes. One thing I'm wondering how to do, though, is center the vertical alignment of text based on its Vertical Limit. I thought about calculating the number of line breaks that are added when the text is displayed and then offsetting the Y position based on the results, but I would need a way to obtain both the number of line breaks that the Auto Wrap creates and the exact height of each line including the line spacing.

This is how the dialog box currently looks:

The dialog box is not part of a UI canvas.

Hello everyone! Today we released our very first title, Grapple Force Rena!

Swing, climb, grab, and throw in this action platformer where you can grapple anywhere! 

The rules are simple:

  • Grapple onto any surface and swing!
  • Grab enemies and objects and throw!

...but the possibilities are endless! Hijack a hoverbike, shoot some billiards, play some pinball, solve a pipe puzzle, take a ride on a flying flower - every new course brings new challenges!

Featuring a story told across 30 courses, there's hours of platforming fun in the base game alone - but there's even more to do! Score Attack for A and S ranks, challenge the post-game Boss Rush, collect Cassette Tapes hidden throughout the game, and refine your swinging technique in Time Attack - the fun, unique movement makes Grapple Force Rena a great speed game!

We're selling both the standalone game and retail keys for the Steam version for the first week at a discount price of $9.99. We also have a web demo on our website that you can play right in your browser!

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