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Yes, I remember your comment on the BBS! Despite this being a massive platform, I frequently run into an account only to realize I know one of their games. Definitely a small world :)

Absolutely agree with your assessment of damage boosting. The game doesn't have much challenge or gameplay variety because I ran out of time to deepen the gameplay, and just wanted something that could show off the core concept. In a gamejam, the more time you have to spend simply implementing an idea, the less time you have to both build content and balance those ideas. Definitely a lot of ideas I'd like to implement to tighten up the concept shown here. Thanks for the input : )

I love this game! The mechanic is so simple but works perfectly. The particle effects on the players look good, and I love how the rhythmic thumping becomes silence when the connection is broken, it really gives the feel of a heartbeat stopping. It's especially cruel that if one particle dies, you force us to watch the other particles slow death :P great job!

Good game! Having the enemies turn into a collectible that sticks to your ship on death to provide extra firepower + health is a great mechanic that required no explanation for me to instantly get. The lives system in particular reminds me of playing galaxian at an arcade : ) nice work

Good puzzle design :) I really like the level transition effect, that's super well done.

Very well executed, cool idea! The pixel art for the towns/cities was cute, and I like the Tetris style "next piece" box. Great work :)

I love these kinds of snakebird-esque grid-movement puzzle games. The way the characters slide apart reminds me of a trombone lol.

Love the look and feel of the game : ) This reminds me of a game that just came out called "Slipways," in which you connect static planets to each other using lines to exchange resources. I'd strongly recommend it if you haven't played it already. 

Thanks! We weren't sure how simple/complicated to make the animations, but we decided to go with the simplest walk possible lol.

Thank you so much!

Wow! What a unique take on time travel, I can't say I've ever seen a game do something like this before. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, but I absolutely love this mechanic. The art looks very nice as well.

Nice game, I like the art and effects : )

Nice! I like the idea of combining with enemies to create a larger train, and I think that the logo for the game as well as the end screen look pretty neat.

Great job! The menu's and itch page have a lot of polish, especially that logo, and big points for actually including a how to play section for your game, I've seen a lot of entries that left me completely in the dark, so I appreciate your tutorial.

Wow! Really great entry! The art and color palette look great, and the music is fittingly chaotic. The fact that you have to bring all your units away from the enemies to get more gold creates a lot of tense moments and risk/reward situations where I leave my home unguarded to go to the mines so I can get an extra gun. I won't lie, that's what cost me my run :P Fantastic theming, design, and execution, a lot of fun.

The art and animation are so adorable! I love that : )

Nice game! The post-processing and screen effects felt really good. I was confused about what the bar at the bottom and counter at the center of the screen were in reference too. It was only after reading you answer to, "How does your game fit the theme" that I understood that the bar was my health and ammo, but I still wasn't sure what the fifteen second counter in the back was for. A few sentences in either the games description or on the title would have helped me get into the game more easily. Great work on this

Thanks! I definitely had a lot more ideas that I just didn't have time to implement during the jam. I'm considering adding more content/polish after the jam, but we'll see : )

Thank you! I feel like PICO-8's color palette really lends itself well to bright, happy games. Maybe that's just me though : )

Thank you

Hands down my favorite entry in this jam so far. The game feel and polish is incredible, and the pixel art is adorable. Great job!

I love the idea of a minecraft-like survival game where your tools are just blocks you push through the environment. This has a lot of content and neat interactions especially for a 48 hour game, really cool!

Love this so much! Like a survival horror twist on Getting Over It lol. The movement and reloading mechanics felt great and created a lot of tense moments, that last level especially I was gritting my teeth the whole time lol. Great game!

This is incredible! This is one of those games I thought couldn't possibly work in puzzlescript, but you've proven me wrong. The animations especially are super smooth.

The engine I used to make this, PuzzleScript, is very limited. The maximum sprite size is 5x5 pixels, the best I could do to represent words is to just put the first letter of the word. This makes understanding the game nearly impossible if you haven’t played the original, but it’s the best I could do with the tools. I’d recommend checking out the “PuzzleScript” tag on to see more examples of games made using the engine, there’s a lot of good ones.

Thank you! I appreciate it, but I can't take full credit for the concept. The mechanic here is a variation of a minigame in WarioWare on the GameBoy. I just recreated the mechanic, gave it a different theme, and implemented random generation. I started this jam by imagining a grid of trees connected with branches, and it reminded me of this minigame. I wanted to add more of my own personal touch to the mechanics, but three hours is not a lot of time :P

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A visual for the timer was the next thing on my list to do... then I ran out of time :P I will definitely add that in to help players understand how much time they have left. I also plan to add a more detailed explanation of the mechanics. Thank you for the feedback :)

Thank you for the feedback! I heard the same thing from someone else, that they expected to be able to "control" the path the fire took. The problem here is a lack of explanation for the mechanic, that being that you select a tree stump to light, then the fire will take a path climbing along the branches and your goal is for that path to end at the tallest tree. In regard to the timer, I'd like to experiment with giving the player a lot of time to make a choice at the beginning, then shortening the timer as their score gets higher to increase difficulty, that could end up being more fair.

I've tried everything, but it seems that I can't place down units or interact with the game in any way other than moving the camera :( Maybe it's an issue on my end? Since I couldn't play the game I won't rate it, but I do like the tree units in the picture for game, particularly the wizard tree lol.

Love this concept! Reminds me a lot of Minecraft skyblock, having only one tree on a floating island and waiting for it to grow. The way the tree grows looks very satisfying too. A very cute relaxing game :)

Creative combination of a typing challenge and a button mashing challenge! alternating between the two keys does give the impression that I am sawing a tree, and I was rushing to get my fingers ready on the next two keys. Nice concept.

Those blue trees were a sobering reminder of how poor my reaction times are lol. Nice high-score challenge.

Nice! Took me a bit to realize that the squirrel's hitbox extends to the back of his tail so I had to essentially run off the edge and then jump Wile E. Coyote style, but I could swear that some of the jumps are impossible lol. I really like the running squirrel animation, the run is very smooth.

Cute game! The art and animations were very clean and nice looking. I only wish I could have planted more trees to make a forest, or maybe had something to buy with my money. Very good job.

Thanks for the feedback! The original idea for score was to have the pellets worth increase as you collect more in each room. So the first pellet gives zero points, second gives one, then two etc. I might just be able to get that to work in a post-jam update, but I think the current system of giving zero for the first then one for the rest of the pellets does a decent enough job of motivating the player to maximize score per room.

Thanks for playing! I had a list of ideas I wanted to execute in the levels but there was not quite enough time to make the difficulty curve up to them as smooth as I would like. I have an update with all levels improved in some way ready to go out after the rating period is over.

You say press right mouse to get bullets, and I did get bullets but also a string between me and the nearest enemy appeared and they shot me in the face while I was stuck to them :P. Once I understood the grapple mechanic I was able to recharge my ammo and beat the game, really cool game!

Nice, good job with the feel of the platforming and a pretty cool concept to switch between platforms.

Nice game, the battery character looks funny I like him :) I think the main thing the game could benefit from is allowing the player to slide down walls rather than stick to them. That's just something that I find improves the feel of a platformer significantly.