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I would legit buy this game (of course with more content, what Im trying to say it that its a good game)

Dude, calm down, and stop talking as if everything you said was a fact, because guess what, you're wrong, ninja muffin already said that for now he doesn't have a name so he just calls him boyfriend

I personally found week 2 the hardest one, after finishing week 2 on normal all the ones that came after where done in one try

This dude probably has a potato laptop and hes just blaming ninja muffin cause he doesn't want to admit that he has a potato laptop

Its literally free 

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really cool game, reminds me a lot of just shapes & beats :D

Edit: I was playing the game and noticed that theres some gravity, which is weird, considering the fact that in the game you move through those blasts, or maybe im just imagining it, not sure


Nice concept but there are some things that really mess up gameplay

1. Camera, the camera moves a lot, and sometimes it doesn't even have  the blob inside it, also, for some reason, the mouse moves along with the camera which makes everything 10 times harder, and not in the fun way

2. Sometimes things just randomly start spinning and its annoying

Other than that pretty good game, also, i can't really critisise this too much, because it was done in 72 hours, and I could never do anything as amazing as this

Im also chilean and im also willing to translate it to spanish for free, :)

Thank you so much, this makes so much more sense from what i was doing hahaha

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Power switch

I crafted the power switch but i can't seem to find any use for it, i connect it to something and when i pull the switch absolutely nothing happens, this is probably just that i don't know how it works, can someone explain?

What do you mean? i think sensitivity was fine

At the start i thought the grandma was going to die or something like that but at the end she didn't and i was SO HAPPY, this is a truly beautiful experience and its touching to me considering all of my grandparents are gone

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I already finished the demo but thanks anyway, the demo's amazing you definitely are going the right way, this game is like a platformer mixed with a metroidvania and i love it

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Everything's great except that im playing on a ps4 controller and theres no button to change the gun, also, after you get the second red gun im completely trapped, i don't know where to go

EDIT: I just discovered theres no exit button, but don't worry cuz I already saw that you are aware of it