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A topic by Kur_Dev created Feb 27, 2021 Views: 4,439 Replies: 57
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i hate this




I have a 100000000000000000000000000 dollar computer And I have no problem with it! :)


you have a 100000000000000000000000000 dollar computer yet you still use itch


Hey, were getting off topic       0         k.


bruh, itch still has good indie games


no not rlly


This dude probably has a potato laptop and hes just blaming ninja muffin cause he doesn't want to admit that he has a potato laptop



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Bruh, my pc was free and can barely play minecraft and I can run this shit with no problems. This nigga has a toaster as a pc. (Also, I play with mods.)


"my pc was free" kinda sounds like you stole it lol


Bruh, people get free PCs for school work all the time. It probably sounds like I stole it because I said “Nigga” making it seem like it’s a black person typing this.

(Dark Humor)

Deleted 123 days ago

Yes, I am African American.


Honestly, it does not matter I’m just trying to figure out how I sounded like I stole a Pc. 

Deleted 123 days ago



My PC is from 2004 and can run this at max FPS

Assets don't affect performance either, and at that, the game has VERY few assets, not even demos tend to have so few assets


my pc is probably older than you and can run this game perfectly fine. Please stop using your fucking  samsung fridge as a computer (tbh a samsung fridge could actually probably run this game fine.)


I legit have a low end laptop and this game can run fine like wtf??


lmao just your fucking computer that you got on the trash is like from 2020 retarded kid


2020 was just like 3 months ago


I don't have a 1000000000000000 dollar computer and it works fine for me but I see what you mean, it sometimes lags a bit on my computer and it shouldn't lag at all

But luckily I think someone made a mod called FPS Plus or something like that which makes the game less laggy


I have a computer which struggles on week 3 and can't even load week 2 or 5 but runs every other level almost completely fine. It's perfectly fine on the final song for week 5, winter horror land , though. (I use a chromebook which was around $100 to $120 USD)

 I was also curious if you knew where I could find the mod. The only way I could think of an fps fix would be to cut down on dense coding/files/assets/etc.

My pc also lags a bit on Week 2, I guess that's why everyone says it's the hardest  week

You can download the mod in GameBanana, if you can't find it here's the link:, it also adds some other things like settings and you can use H J K L to hit the notes, it says everything it adds under "Updates"

Idk how mods work exactly in FNF but to use FPSPlus  you just need to unzip it and put the folder in your desktop like the original


are you ok


lol that do be true tho no lie


I use my samsung fridge to play this game and it works like a rollar coaster. Dude has a computer that is made by will smith.


I was able to get it to run on a 2012 Laptop running Windows XP and a Windows 2000 Virtual Machine, this will run on anything with a web browser


bruh my laptop is so old and it can handle it. your pc must be WORSE than mine (which is physically impossible it lags on so many games)


I can run only certain songs on my computer, and it's brand new. It just isn't the best.  That doesn't mean the game is trash, just means I don't have the best computer. 


Leap Frog Laptop?


i have croom and it suck

like bro let me play

Lol i have a horrible pc and no problem to play fnf :v

My guy, I am playing this on a shitty school laptop


then get a better computer


My pc is kinda ass and it runs this game just fine, about 60 fps which is pretty good imo even tho its not insane its very playable.  Are you running this on an open microwave or somethin?


He probably running the game on potato glados.


Maybe your computer is just crap. I'm on a literal tablet computer thingy and it's fine. I bet it even costs less than your PC.

is your os windows 2000 or something? because this game works fine

for me i have a really terrible laptop (cant run minecraft without optifine, and when it does use optifine its only at 20 fps at most, and also using zoom makes my laptop freeze) and although i cant play the browser version without my computer freezing, i can play the downloaded version without a single problem. and its not the creators faults. most people can run it fine, and the creators shoudlnt be forced to make it playable to the 3% of players with 15 year old computers. like its only a hundered dollars to get a laptop that can play games like this. it probably costs less by now, the computer i was mentioning is from 2015 (it was actualy pretty good, it could play minecraft back in 2016 with ease.).


my notebook is from 2006 and runs smooth 63 FPS 

Mine is slightly newer, but the same goes for me.


my computer is government and it runs at 60 FPS ._.


Well, Maybe if you get a computer that's a bit more upright (Pun intended), you'll be able to play the game without error.


Potato pc lol


i can run this game on my 3ds internet browser. (not really but you get what i mean)


i honestly cant tell if hes joking or not


Umm dude my pc is like 7 or 8 years old and it runs this game almost perfectly so I think it just depends on the brand of your computer


I made an account just so I can say this. Fuck you. I have a very old (probably from 2012) laptop, LAPTOP, which runs on windows 7, with only 3,9 gigs of ram, that also freezez randomly, and I can run this with google, you know, the biggest fucking ram eating program ever created, in the background.

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I get where is guy is coming from it. It eat's up a lot of memory. I have 16 gb of memory and it was using a good 7 gb of it. This isn't even in full screen 

I don't know  what could be using all this memory.  Am pretty sure it's just the 32 and 64bit they might be less optimized. 

My PC litterally just costs 1k USD and it runs at 64 fps. Idk whats up with ur computer, but it's probably run using a potato ;-;

i has 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dollar computer and its runs fine :)

i has 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000dollar computer and its runs fine :)

dont have one of those fancy gaming pcs (i just have a macbook) but it works just fine. maybe try looking for a new computer?

/e shut up

Cap bc I was playing on my Dora computer

Cap bc I can play on my Lightning Mcqueen laptop

lmao i have a 2008 computer and it runs smoothly. you must have a potato laptop.