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Strange, the TTRPG one is on the front page, I only found this one from your post. Should be splashed all over the main page IMO, no?

Dude awesome to hear this isn't dead! Hope the broken things are fixed soon and the software continues to grow, it has a crazy amount of potential. Cheers!

No thanks, just wondering for my own eventual upload and what to price it at.

Out of interest, how many words is this?

Not possible seems like a strong term, I mean we've landed people on the moon haha. So really all the app is just a scaler? It just shrinks an image? Instead of applying a filtering effect? Your gifs are a little misleading if this is the case. They show you swiping across a photo, and pixelating it. That suggests the image remains the same size? How can I get that swiping preview?

Hi, I have a question about Pixatools. Is there an option to keep the original image size that you are converting? Right now the software just shrinks the image right? But I think most people would like it to stay the same size as the original image.

?? This isn't available for commercial use? But I bought it with money lol... You also say in the description that you were planning to 'update' the pack with more assets but you haven't...