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A new way for vector design ! Easy! · By Kronbits

[Q] Dead in the water or something big coming?

A topic by pixeldrop created Apr 14, 2021 Views: 458 Replies: 6
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At first glance this looked interesting, but then I noticed no updates since 2019.

Due the project finished with all the additions planned.

Wanted to add some other stuff like real .svg too, but Due C2 limitations never did.

Hi, I have a question about Pixatools. Is there an option to keep the original image size that you are converting? Right now the software just shrinks the image right? But I think most people would like it to stay the same size as the original image.

not possible sorry. You have then to increase to the final size you want out of pixatool. The tool export at 1:1 pixels.

Not possible seems like a strong term, I mean we've landed people on the moon haha. So really all the app is just a scaler? It just shrinks an image? Instead of applying a filtering effect? Your gifs are a little misleading if this is the case. They show you swiping across a photo, and pixelating it. That suggests the image remains the same size? How can I get that swiping preview?

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It'd be incredibly tedious for most use cases of the tool if it resampled the output to match the input size.

The "shrinking" is affected by the "Pixelate" settings on the General tab, the other filtering is controlled by the rest of the controls and is applied alongside the pixelisation when exporting.

To get the swiping effect, just scale up the output from PixaTool using Nearest Neighbour, lay over the original image, and linear wipe between original and the PixaTool processed image, like this (PixaTool version a bit blurry because I f'd up the GIF conversion and was too lazy to re-encode for a simple example):

Really, from the Demo it seemed like there was still a lot missing and not working properly. Such as not being able to properly pan, Ctrl+Mouse wheel doesn't pan at all in the demo.

A couple of major features I feel are kind of missing in my short little demo experience:

- live Pixel preview, right now you have to save to see what the actual pixel version looks like.

- Angle snapping while rotating

- Hold Shift modify to nudge/snap in whole pixels while nudging with Arrows or moving with mouse

- Copy, cut and past using Ctrl+C, Ctlr+X, Ctrl+V all seem to not be working.

- Pen/pencil/curve tool, basically some way to draw just a vector curve line.