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Gabriel Ruiz

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loved this game

loved it

loved the concept

Ok, but I have tested in different computers and I had the same issue

I don't thinks it's a hardware problem, I have tested in different machines with different internet connections, it's like a problems that appear and dissapear in a random way. sometimes it works good, sometimes it doesn't

Hi, as the title says any game I try to play it takes so long, sometimes it takes 30 mins for a 20MB game and sometimes it works good and it loads in 20 second. First I thought it was problem with my game, but later I tryed to play others games and I experienced the same situation. Does anybody has the same problem? I have a presentation tomorrow and I can't use my itchio link. 

lol that's funny. I'd like to cut in other places xd

I become lvl 9, and I died!! Nice work

excelente laburo!! muy buen juego de terror! buenas mecánicas, buen storytelling y muy buen arte!

amé el arte y la mecánica! sigan así!

lo siento amigo no tengo instalado roblox, ojalá alguien más pueda jugarlo!

me re gustó este shoot em up!

interesante mecánica por turnos!! simple y divertido

me gusta como se siente al caminar, la cámara está en una posición justa. La mecánica de saltos, caidas y gritos está buena! y el arte está muy bien también

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of course you can use premade assets! the only important thing is that your game has  to be compatible with the key word that we are going to reveal in 4 hours by discord!!
join us! discord: