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Thanks for your feedback, I wrote the rules in the description of the game and you can read them here! :)

The best hint I can give you is to build the fields and the mills before adding the tents so that there's is some food to prevent your population from starving... ; )

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The gameplay is actually fun, the music and the art style match together nicely and I think they're very cool.

The game is short, but the art style and the music are lovely and the fact that it's physics based is really cool, even if sometimes I found a bit hard to move the blocks in small spaces. The gameplay is fun, however I think it is quite easy to cheat. The theme "Rise and Fall" has been well used.

I really like the "high resolution" pixel art style and the gameplay is overall fun. I think that the only thing is missing, is some in-game instructions. Great use of the theme.

I guess you managed to play the game. Thanks, for your feedback!

Are you running the .sh file in the same folder as "jre"? The two files must be in the same folder. In case it keeps showing you the error, try opening the "The" in a text editor and change the part that says "/jre/bin/java.exe" into "java".

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The controls were not very smooth. The art style is nice, but the texts font doesn't match with it. Aside from that the idea fits well with the theme.

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In this still untitled 3D game (any title suggestions are welcomed) you find yourself in an unknown dungeon where your goal is to get to the trophy.


However, finding the trophy is not going to be an easy task, because you will have to fight against monsters, find buttons and pressure plates, discover rooms, unlock new weapons and in the future also avoiding traps!

Find buttons and pressure plates to unlock rooms and parts of the map!

Unlock new items by opening chests!

Fight monsters and get the trophy!

You can play the game with keyboard and mouse and there are different settings that you can customize to improve your game experience, from the rendering distance to the FOV value. You can also toggle the VSync and the game can be set to fullscreen mode.

The game is made using Java and LWJGL 2. You can follow the development of this game on the game's page or on TIGSource.

I would really appreciate your feedback, so, if you like dungeon crawler videogames, give this game a try!

Here is a brief showcase video of the latest version of videogame:

It's a very original concept, maybe a bit hard right from the beginning, but the idea is very interesting. 

It's nice to hear your feedback!

The game looks very nice and the gameplay is fun.

Thanks, I'm happy you like it!

The concept is very cool and simple and the graphics are beautiful.

Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback!

The game is really fun and the pixel art style is very nice! The levels and the difficulty progression are well balanced. I really like the game!

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The Inspector

A demo version of my new game has just been released. If you want to try if for free, you can click here to go to the game page.

You are a detective and at the start of the game, a letter will be given to you with a quick description of the case.

The Letter

You must find all the clues, hidden in the map and in the various houses in order to figure out who is guilty.

Talk with people around the map

Once you collect all the clues you can accuse the suspects. Use the logic to understand who is the guilty, because the more suspects you accuse, the lower your score will be.

Accuse the suspects

In the game page you can also find a list of all the controls of the game.

You need Java to play this game, so make sure you have Java installed on your computer if the game gives you errors. (In the game page you can also find two possible solutions to two different Java errors that the game could give you).

Binary Fixer is now published and you can play it on browser from desktop or download it for Android!

The game is simple, you have to destroy the number 2 that is breaking the binary code.

If you'll destroy the 2 you'll get a point, but destroying the wrong number, you'll lost a point...

So, in you want, play the game here or watch the game trailer!