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Hi there Dentenoe, unfortunately this project is no longer in process but I appreciate the feedback! 

The catapults are certainly an interesting unit. I wanted to create something that would be very effective against infantry, but I also wanted them to not be "Instant Win" units. This led me to the design decision to enable friendly fire. It's certainly different from most RTS implementations, but I think the high micro management required to use them effectively is a good trade-off for their large damage and AOE.

The AI is something that I wanted to work more on, but since I was starting with a prototype I decided not to actually establish. Their code is quite literally just "AI.Spawn()" and ends there. 

I don't think I'll ever come back to finish this project, but I am happy with where it currently is. I learned a lot about how RTS games work and I think the small art style really came together.  

Again, thank you for playing! 

Thank you so much, I truly appreciate the kind words! I wanted to make a trashcan but when I made the art I didn't put enough space for it, then didn't have time to make it later. Such is the Jam life...

Thank you Egg! I was trying to go for a mad-dash sort of feeling, hope it was as fun as it was frantic!

Apologies, I wasn't able to get a great tutorial in. Things that are good to know in case you give it another try:

  • Potions need a cork to be served
  • You can only get one color from one station. So in order to make purple, you need red from one station and blue from another. 

Thank you! Yeah I wanted to get something in but ran out of time, hopefully the GIF helped a little bit!

Eyyy, great minds think alike! I debated on doing that, but I felt that having to memorize the colors and having the villagers text not be super simple gave the game a bit more complexity, which it's lacking a bit. 

I appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately we do not have control over the configuration window as it is a unity default standard. We left it in so that the player could choose which resolution they wanted to play at, as well as if it was in windowed mode or not. Our game will automatically resize to the resolution you choose and was tested to work with a 16:9 aspect ratio. We also did not intend for the player to use any other buttons or remap any controls as the theme was space, so naturally we only wanted them to use the 'space'-bar. We were debating on making the giant white arrow that points towards the end of the level flash so that the player would have a better sense of where to go, however this was scrapped because of time constraints, but we would love to add it in the future! Thank you so much for your feedback, glad you got to play our game!

Thank you so much! That's really nice of you to say, we all had a lot of fun making it.

You should do one on this one instead :)

Thanks man! I think you'll really like the new build of the game. It's got an actual level now! Check it out if you get the chance

oh please send me a link when you do! If you follow the project on it will send you a notification when I update it. I’m currently in the process of creating better AI for friendlies and scarier enemies.

Thanks man! I'm in the process of adding some zombies and expanding the test level a bit. Check back tomorrow and it should be updated with things to fight! How did it control? Did the shooting feel natural or hit/miss?

Thanks! I'd love to add some crazy sounds and a weird soundtrack but didn't have time to in the hour lol.