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Hi there Dentenoe, unfortunately this project is no longer in process but I appreciate the feedback! 

The catapults are certainly an interesting unit. I wanted to create something that would be very effective against infantry, but I also wanted them to not be "Instant Win" units. This led me to the design decision to enable friendly fire. It's certainly different from most RTS implementations, but I think the high micro management required to use them effectively is a good trade-off for their large damage and AOE.

The AI is something that I wanted to work more on, but since I was starting with a prototype I decided not to actually establish. Their code is quite literally just "AI.Spawn()" and ends there. 

I don't think I'll ever come back to finish this project, but I am happy with where it currently is. I learned a lot about how RTS games work and I think the small art style really came together.  

Again, thank you for playing!