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This game murdered me....and murdered me...and killed me...and...pumpkins..

I'm pretty sure my NES woke up and stared at me with envy. Overall I had a good time, the people are such a trap want to save really do....Sigh....Oh Nubbins

I honestly didn't see a whole lot of need for downward fire, there might be one or two spots where it might be handy, but generally the levels were built to not need it. 

I loved the little references "I am groot" made me smile. Definitely has the potential for a nice mobile app

Remapping the keys and changing the font size is definitely a must!! I love the thought of an RPG/Platformer done in the Atari aesthetic. It's got a super charming atmosphere and i'd love to have seen this fleshed out. It honestly blows my submission out of the water!! I honestly couldn't figure out how to get syrup though....

Thank you so much!! Both for the encouragement, and the music!! I've never done a game jam and I'm pretty new and inexperienced with making games. The music was awesome, after reading your comment, I looked at the credits page again, and realized I had used your music quite a lot. The funny thing is, that when I was searching for music, I literally was just listening to one song after another trying to find music that I liked. I wasn't even aware of the author besides putting the name in the credits. The game is super short for sure. I really didn't get the time I wanted to work on it, and it doesn't include half the features I wanted for it (I'm slightly embarrassed about omitting a pause button though). Maybe after the Jam is over, I'll work on it some more. I wanted to have more levels, and a dialogue system at the bottom where GNU would be talking and generally telling stupid jokes or have funny dialogue while you play.