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This is amazing !! 

thnx!!  BLAST those BAD MOODS ! 

I have to say the music in my game is awesome! I did not have anything to do with making it tho! ha . It was David Ko and Raftronaut that made the tracks in my game and I feel they fit perfectly. I just want to give them credit and thanks for that! 

Ok . but NOT my game music..??? hmmm 

So far I dig the Space Walk soundtrack. fits that game perfectly.

Also Magnilo has some great music!! 

and Paws and Play had me jumping up and dancing!!

THANKS ! ! I really appreciate you spending some time with SPRH and your taking time to comment !! I hope to havve more time to work on this soon!

hey! Thanks for playing! and thanks for giving it a shot. I need to  work on some of the tile issues. I made a lot of the game from the exact same tilesets. the one block looks so different with different palettes. I spent most of my time with planning the route and messing with code to get something near what I wanted. Was fun to dig into code a bit and learn a few things. Looking forward to spending more time on this game soon. I think with more time I can make this something really fun! I have ideas for more bosses and another "level" already.  Some changeable weapons and outfits to go underwater ect.. 

Rick Starfield is crazy cool. Great art! fun game. I want more! 

such a fun inovative game! Cool trippy graphics as well.

super fun game!! I was quickly defeated by the second guy over and over! ha. Ill have to play again soon!

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Thanks for playing ! 

I like the jump! is it too much ? 

This game looks really cool. Great work on animations! Sprite is siick!! Can't wait to see more of this. The title screen is my favorite.

What are some of your favorite games to play so far?? Im really diggin 2600AD ! So fun. and kinda hard. I like a good challenge. I also reall enjoy Fox Hunt. Super classic. Fun to play and challenging as well. Tell us some of your favs so far.Ill be adding to this list later .

SO COOL! ! I think this is my favorite game so far! I loved it. super fun and challenging!!

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Thanks for playing!! I appreciate the comments. and yes some of the game is figuring out which tiles are ok. also that some of the tiles are placeholders for what I imagined I might be able to do. one reason why I gave so many Pandas! Thanks again. and play again. did you get to the boss?!?! ;)

same here!! the old guy standing in the woods by the sign was like ! hahaha my favorite scene !!