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Great stuff!  Thanks for taking the time to play and for your feedback as well.  I'm happy to hear your girlfriend loved playing it!

Thanks for playing.  I'm stoked you could have fun family time enjoying my game with your kid!  Happy to hear you thought it was awesome.

Thanks for giving it a spin & it makes me happy to hear you all enjoyed playing.  Gamepad support is at the top of my task list for my next  update release!

Thanks for playing!  I'm glad you had fun! <3

Thanks for playing my submission & including me in your video! 

I’ve been away from Itchio for a while so only just saw your comment now. Thank-you! Artistically, it was a really fun challenge to merge 2D & 3D into a coherent style. Sin City was a big inspiration aesthetically for me on this one. 

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I created a moody game experience for #ResistJam which is hopefully a work in progress prototype that I can return to. It's far from perfect but I only had a week to do it. I hope to update it in the future & create more episodes if people like it.

It'd be ace if you played it. It's a super short interactive story fused with a stealth game.

Play the Satyagraha prototype here.