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Same as above: while restarting after my first run was fine, trying to do it after my cube boss run death had the game screen fade back in for a second, only to fade back to black and lock.

Saw the strange debug for the jumping down hole as well.

Game started with music at 0% by default.

Having a lot of instances where a seemingly open floor space will suddenly be blocked off, stopping me from moving into it. Usually happens in the heat of battle when I and enemies are moving around: probably a case of an enemy being in the space but leaving it, only the space is still treated as if something is still in it? It's not a turn-based game so I imagine there might be a lot of competition for spaces. The floor space will actually not have a movement targetter on it, so it's recognized as an immovable space, but it's free and open so there's no reason for it to be immovable suddenly when it wasn't previously.

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Balls to the Brawl is a side-scrolling beat-em-up, modeled after old-school games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, but with deep fighting mechanics, challenging bosses, and (hopefully) satisfying feedback and humor.

The game aims to give the user a satisfying ego-trip as they wreck havoc across the island. This can mean cranking it to hard mode to give yourself a challenge to push through, or it can mean putting on infinite lives and power and going to town on the enemies as a nice way to unwind; whatever works for you!

  • 7 Levels!
  • 2 Possible Endings!
  • Endless waves of ninjas to punch, stomp, kick and crush!

I hope everyone can have a good time brawling their way through Shonen Island!