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The core gameplay is quite fun, and the voiceover really adds a lot to the presentation. Well done!

I expected the difficulty to gradually ramp up (more radiation leaks, shorter warning times, etc.), but that didn't really happen. I think something like that could work with the arcade style you have going here.

I'd love a few more ratings if you still have time!

This is an incredibly interesting idea, and something I'd love to see explored in a longer game. The bullets can't actually hit you unless you run into them, and it took me some time to wrap my mind around that. Well done!

Thank you! I'll probably tinker with the balance a little after the jam is over, this is more of a prototype.

Thank you! I actually developed the game on Linux too, hah.

The trick is to get juuust close enough to the rocks to pick them up - if you're very careful, you can make it to level 5-6. After the jam I'll probably tinker with the game a little, perhaps make the radation scaling a little less harsh.

Enjoyable little experience, I've always had a soft spot for this kind of gameplay. The voice clips are fun as well.

First time I've played a mouse-controlled platformer, I think. Very interesting concept, great use of the limitation! The double jump didn't always seem to work, but maybe I was doing something wrong.

Thank you kindly! I'm very happy with how the portraits turned out, I feel like that style has potential (though perhaps the resolution could be a little higher...)

Since we're approaching the last stretch of the rating period, I thought it might be fun if we pointed to some of our favourite entries that haven't really gotten a lot of attention (i. e. only around 5-10 ratings.) This is a huge jam, so it's easy for less-promoted games to be buried.

I'll start by giving a nod to Sirius by katevan, which has a very impressive graphical style.

Thank you for the kind words! I didn't want to make the levels too small or scale the graphics down further, so I figured I'd try giving players a way to "look around" the levels.

I figured I'd include something like that for the authentic 1997 flair.

Thanks for playing!

I love the attention to detail here. Even with half the screen taken up by the interface, the play area doesn't feel cramped or overloaded at all - you're making excellent use of the (limited) screen space, and the gameplay mechanics are incredibly sharp.

Pretty cool! Good use of the colour-switching mechanic. Booting the player back to the first level when you die is harsh, but restartign is so quick that I didn't mind at all - I was quickly settling into a rhythm. Well done.

I made a note to come back to this game once I had access to Windows, and I'm really glad I did. Your platformer mechanics work super well, and you've really gotten a lot of mileage out of a fairly simple set of mechanics. Well done!

Interesting. I haven't played 2048 with symbols instead of numbers before, but I think it works, since it's mostly same numbers vs. different numbers that matter. This could've well been a "real" Nokia game, I think. (That said, it might've been nice to include a brief description of how the game works on your page, since not everyone is going to be familiar with 2048.)

This is an incredibly cool game, and one of my personal favourites in the Game Jam (at least among the ones I've played so far). The graphics are absolutely stunning, and the gameplay is quite fun too. I love the somewhat mysterious tone of the narration - I'm getting some Hyper Light Drifter vibes, even.

I did like the idea! Making a turn-based RPG under these restrictions is quite a challenge, and I think you have a great core for a game here. I was able to complete it, and even had to use a little bit of strategy on the final boss. With a few fixes (the text tends to go off-screen) and some sounds, this could be pretty good. Nice job.

Super Hexagon! That works well under the Nokia 3310 restrictions, I think, and something like this could've been a "real" Nokia game. The difficulty is perhaps a little high, though, as I could rarely get past the first three hexagons. Maybe it could be slowed down a little.

Neat! I feel like it could need some more stuff (multiple lines especially), but it's a solid core for a rhythm game. Well done.

Can't say no to a cute robot! Kicking you out to the game over screen is perhaps a bit harsh, I would've liked the ability to re-try levels right away.

Interesting! Keeping three rockets alive is actually pretty difficult, it turns out.

Cool idea, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the turrets to shoot.

Pretty neat! I could imagine something like this forming the core for a fun little café management sim, like a very low-res version of Cook, Serve, Delicious.

It's Flappy Bird! Always a fun set of mechanics, and you implemented them well. The gravity switch adds an interesting wrinkle to the gameplay.

Camping is supposed to be a relaxing experience, so this seems appropriate. Still pretty neat as a tech demo, especially if you're making the engine yourself. I'll have to remember to take another look if there's future updates.

I can tell that a lot of effort has been put into this game. The graphics are quite pretty, the music is fun, and the gameplay holds up too. A few games in this jam have dimension-switching or gravity-switching, but you have both, and they combine in interesting ways.

Making a strategy game under these restrictions has to be quite difficult, but I think you pulled it off well. As the other reviews have mentioned, the controls are a bit much at first, though I was able to get used to them after a few tries (and after losing my first savegame to an untimely heatwave).

The early game was hectic and intense, forcing me to juggle scavenging/planting/building, and of course having to watch the aquifer. But once I'd managed to bring in a harvest and build up the shelter enough to survive that event, it became much easier. After day 50 or so, I had the survivors spend most of their time resting, because I was paranoid about the aquifer running out. If you're interested in expanding this game after the jam is over, perhaps adding another screen or some more events might be neat.

All in all, this was a very interesting experience. Well done!

Thank you!

Thank you kindly!

Impressive! It takes a lot to make 3D graphics work under these restrictions, but I think you pulled it off quite well. Nicely done.

I get an error on both the Windows and Linux versions:

"Error: Can't run project: no main scene defined."

It's Pong! Kind of...

The surprise did catch me off-guard, so that was fun.

Interesting use of colour. The concept works very well, and I like how the jingle you get when you pick up the cross lets you know how much time you have left.

I miss being able to go out for coffee...

This was quite fun! Reminds me of "Cook, Serve, Delicious!" with all the different minigames.

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This is pretty well-made! I liked the cutscenes a lot, the choppy animation style works super well.

Maybe a checkpoint after the first boss fight would've been nice, I keep jumping into cacti...

Ohh, I see. That's a situation where you could reset the level, but I think that control isn't actually explained in-game. I've put a little more text on the game's page to point that out. Thank you so much!

Thank you for the comment!

Sorry to hear about the softlock situation. If you hold down the / button on the keypad (or the R button on the keyboard) for a while, it'll restart the current level, that should get you out of most jams. If it was a serious technical error, can I ask which version you were using and what exactly happened, so I can fix it once the jam's over?

Cool idea!

I wonder if something like that could've been a real Nokia game. It did have data support via WAP...

It's Flappy Bird! Always a fun gameplay mechanic, and this is a very smooth and clean execution of that concept, with enough extra complications to keep it interesting. Nicely done. Also, bonus points for Godot :)

That was a lot of fun! The dimension-shifting mechanic is implemented well, and it makes a lot of sense with the strict two-colour setup. Plus, bonus points for using Godot :)