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Yes absolutely. For example, you can layer our gore SFX with the vocal noises of the one feeding and get a very realistic sound of your character!

Please visit and subscribe to our newsletter there for limited-time discounts. It is our official store and this product may go on a discount there at some point 

Yes. It comes with perpetual commercial world wide license for use in unlimited number of projects.

Yes, absolutely! You can also share a link to your game with us. We love seeing our assets in others' creations :)

Hey Draxhtar, it's totally fine to ask that and it is not rude at all :) We actually make sales of all our slot packs every day and a lot of buyers return to buy more, which itself proves that they get far more value from each sound pack than what they pay.

You can find and get all of our slot packs form here:

If you have any other questions or concerns you can also reach out directly to at any time.
Always happy to help :)

Attention Developers!

We are proud to present you with the collection of cutting edge sounds that will Level Up your War-themed Game like no other sound library.

Check them out bellow and let us know if you find any of the sound packs home in your games. We'd love to see how they fit your creations :)





Thank you for checking out our sounds and good luck with your project :
Your Team.

Hi rootbeerdev and thanks for the question. Yes absolutely! All our products can be used for commercial purposes, in unlimited number of projects, world-wide, forever :) The only limitation of the Basic License is that you can't resell the sound effects as your own sounds (as a sound pack download or sfx plugin or app).

Hi Guys,

We have just published a massive collection of High-Quality UI sounds for you to use in your games. The collection comes with over 1,450 sound effects that cover literary all styles and genres: from cute cartoony, spooky or horror to adventurous and sci-fi !!
Most of the sounds are melodic, which means that you can use them in many other purposes than UI, such as achievement sounds, object pickup and power-ups,  notification and alert SFX, etc.


The sound pack is not FREE, however we do plan on releasing a few quality sound packs for you to use for free. 
Follow us not to miss any new and free releases!

Also visit for more high quality assets.

Thanks for reading, visiting links and sorry if this maybe isn't the right place for posting topics on new asset releases.
It is our first post on 0:-) Team