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Muy buen juego, es bastante retador, solo le agregaría que los items desaparezcan con el tiempo. Felicitaciones

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The slider visualize the machine capacity but still doesn't work. I actually lost the entire project in a bad update but needed rebuild the cap and fill system anyway. I hope fix all the bugs with the machines in the next update. Ty for the review!!

Very immersive, cool transitions too.

I have problems with the resolution

Good graphics

Very addictive game

Cool old style

I love this

Really interesting!! Scream-strategy?? Smells good

Great i will add it in the next update :)


Thanks to @Valia

Haha would look pretty cool planting gongs around the temple maybe gong-bombs xD

Good game simple and fun, good leaderboard system too! Congrats

Cool game to play it and good use of the theme. Maybe the rotation could be smother but anyaway congrats for the game!

Rithm Gaming, I survive 9 rounds in my best chance.

I enjoy play this game, the mechanics, the intro, the monk, the master, the ambience; the story is greatt. I would have liked see a bar for reload the chakra power (like mmorpg) and maybe summon something to help with the waves.

Great game!! Congrats.

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TinydinoGames, the graphics are awesome, the mechanics and menus are very polished, maybe a info panel would help to understand the terrain effects. The mechanics are very good too! I like it. I wish I could choose between different totems to generate differents endings. Great game!! Congrats

Short but challenger xD

Hey Rithm Gaming, glad u like it! Yeah the throw need a polish, actually is a bit loose and need some kind of instructions too but great that u figured it and that u liked the experience of the game. Ty for play it!

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It was a great experience working on this td and it will be great to continue working on this game. I will try to improve on those points and add more horror also hehe. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks SCREAM CATALOG for the jam and for the suggestions too!!

Oh haha now it makes sense! I had felt something lost at the end.

Now I could catch the killer! :D Thanks for the game!

I really enjoy playing it. The introduction is really good, the history, the graphics and the audio too. I had a little bug with the dialogues when approaching I could not interact and the player could not move but i reset the game and it didn't happen again. Maybe you could add a way you choose the killer in the end. Great game, congrats!

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Great game!! The intro is very powerfull, the game is good, the audio is really good, the voice actors are good too. I would have liked to be chased by zerlings instead of clouds and maybe have a turret in the car, but anyway i love the game congrats

Very good story!! I think tisha is not the same but I hope to read the end

This game catch me! The ambience and the music is really inmersive. Hope u finish it !

thankss i hope u have reached the boss!!

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Im glad u like it. I should definitely work on the instructions and i hope to add them with some better towers that improve the experience. Thanks for play it :)

Thankss it was a big challenge. Hope u like it.

The particles and the art looks great.Good remake.

The graphics and music are awesome. Great game

Hey Tuba, i couldn't implement the enemies in the gamejam time but actually im still working on it so that it is be playable. 

Yess and try rotate the piece to final position when u pickup it

The graphics and shadows are good. Show the border and the rotation of the piece maybe give it more realism. Good game as well.

Cool clicker very addictive. With some icons and sfx it would look excellent

Hey cool video... wait a bug :O 
Thanks for the review

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Haha thankss
Check the new version have some improves and a new interaction.

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Hey, for now is it only that one person even if you say it's another but the complete mechanics should be a new murder each game and different dialogues for all the suspects.

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When u see the body, you can go right and pass at the end of the dialogue. 
tip: Are 2 clues each side.
Fixed in 1.1