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You're most welcome! Also awesome avatar! I love Epithet Erased!

I think that’s for client side only. So you’d have to do it.

sorry. Nothing I can do.

Hi there, sadly I don't think we can add it to Steam. To launch a game on Steam they require a lofty downpayment, and then even if a game is greenlit they reserve the right to remove the game for any reason without a refund. As a small company of beginners the risk was too high.

If that actually helps, then you're a life saver for many I think.

Cattle Castle 1 IS free tho? lol

Sorry, due to restrictions we can't make an Android version of this installment of Cattle Castle.

hi sorry for the late response: the grass card is hidden in the caves. No need to lick the statue to get the card. 😊 

Try losing to the cattle lord, he might give you a hint on how to use those orbs. ;) Or maybe someone can help you with the order.

yep! Driver issues can cause all sorts of whacky issues. Graphics will manifest in weird visuals, for me some videos will turn into a mishmash of lines instead of what I’m trying to watch.

I’m so glad we could help! Hope you enjoy them both! 

Hi there, we've tried to replicate the error. The census is that you likely have out of date graphic drivers. Are you able to update them and try again?

okay, can you explain how it’s not working? Are you getting an error message? Do you have screenshots?

It's a common error when trying to open the game (or any other RPGMaker games) in the itch app that it doesn't work.
Are you still experiencing the error? I'd like to help. n.n

Hi there, are you trying to open it with the itch app?

Really good game! Simple but with great art. The translation/writing could use some major work though.

thanks for contacting us. I’ll let our team know the issue you’re having and get back to you asap. You can also join our discord to get into contact with us in person.

maybe! I haven’t gotten around to playingn lacto yet. Just heard it has some neat features. Is it not complete yet?

these are great suggestions! I’ll pass them onto the team!

There will be some big changes in the near future, the curse management system is getting a big overhaul as well as the battle system (less ping-pong like whacking back and forth). Everyone will get a notice in the dev logs here as well as on Patreon and discord when that drops.

what do you mean?

Aaaaa thanks everyone! This is such a memorable first game-jam! I'll definitely be doing more in the future <3
Everyone did such great work. It was fun to work alongside everyone. I really felt the crunch near the end too haha, really put into perspective deadlines and learning to dial back expectations on games and overcome obstacles.

After the game-jam last month I'm back on board with the update. We still have some coding and art assets in store. Our writing department finished the new dialogue trees yesterday.

I think patreon has other payment methods.

hi there, sadly a lot of alternative payment methods aren’t available in my country. However if you can subscribe to patreon for one month at the $5 tier I can give you a coupon to get the game for free on

Aside from a few bug fixes (the werewolf cornering you as one) if I can get back to this game I'd love to give it a nice coat of polish, something to really bring out the "gloom" expected on a halloween night.

Team is on it. Hopefully we can find a fix for ya. Can you get a screenshot of your error for us please?

Thanks for finding a bug and letting us know! 🍪 

Can you tell me which room you get stuck in, so we can try to fix this bug?

not sure how else to suggest it. Rpgmaker’s system is difficult to make this sort of game. It’ll take some effort on the players part to beat it.

However the key inputs (right, left, up, down) all work as input. Z works as input. Space works as input. Clicking on the arrows works as input. You need to click on them when they are in the green circle. They even delay half a second to allow for some wiggle room.

If all else seems to fail you can cheat the mini game by spamming space bar.

I'd love to see what people make!

Talking with the team about this. The NW.js is apparently a common error with rpgmaker games.
Can you send screenshots of the other errors?

Hi there, are you using a mac? This is a common error with mac users and I can ask my team what the fix is.

Really cute! Glad I could help!

You'll have to reach a certain point with your curse, talk to a cleric in a safe room and see an ending to get the code.

Hi, as it stands, it's unlikely to be able to port a working android version. Though we might be able to release a package for those who might be able to get it working, but it'll only be as-is since no one on the team knows how to add in more control support for the phone.

She will indeed~ I'm working on the inbetween animations now, her battle sprites and overworld sprites are done.

Still being made. Writers were on vacation during September so it's been me and the coder working. It'll be soon with any luck.

it was a difficult task of having the game draw from a pool of arrow events on another page and send them down to the player.

Each event spawn has a delay of a few ticks. The Minotaur loss mini game has no real rhythm in mind whereas I spent a good while on the overlord loss one to try to get a rhythm. Sadly with the way rpgmaker works there’s no true way to make this work without tweaking the time and jumping back into the game to test it. I’m sorry if that makes the mini games difficult, I tried my best.

Hi there, FungalDragon here.

I made a fanmade Discord server to keep up momentum and meet the community around this game jam! Come swing by and say hi!

Hi there! I might be interested in your help. Are you offering as a volunteer (not paid position) as this is non-profit? Can't seem to find a private message feature on this site, but I could give you my discord.

Hi there! We're working on version 2.0 at the moment, with a complete overhaul of the battle system as well as adding curse stages to your follower.
In the lighter version of updates we're working on rolling over card collection, have a book that you can check your collection in, as well as a bonus menu option to view endings. So we're sorry it's been a while but the next update will be a really big one we hope you enjoy!