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That was frantic and awesome.

Great game. I had a lot of fun. Jan coming out and shooting a gun cracked me up. I suck at punchout but I manage to beat it thanks to the generous recovery system. There were some times where I got cheap hits in while I was invincible after getting up.

Straight up excellent. The pixel art and music and music really stand out. Super impressive for a jam game.

Four-in-one is an ambitious concept. You pulled it off pretty well. All the games were enjoyable.  The helicopter one took a while to get the hang of but it felt good once I did. Roscoe was and Draw were solid. the Wizard one I kept having enemies spawn on top of me which killed me.  Also I could run outside the screen off to forever and never get caught. Having unique art and sound for four different games is an accomplishment.

One hit deaths with no way to respawn is a bit unforgiving when I couldn't figure out the controls and even still once I did know them. Would have liked to see more of the game but it was too difficult.

That was great. Fun and really well made all around. The severe knockback was a bit much for me but that was clearly a design choice.  Nice job.

That was awesome. Like I had my very own Tricaster.

This type of game is always fun. It has a good feel to the bar and bouncing.  Lots of nice art assets but they were really small on my screen. Make them bigger and show them off. Good work. 

Very clever. Took me a bit to wrap my mind around the concept and controls. It was hard once I did and I'm not even two people! I liked it, and I think having some sound would have made it even better. 

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Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you were into the idea. Originally I did want it to be more of a platformer with spikes and enemies and stuff. Then I changed the idea to just some light platforming to collect some items because it seemed more in scope for a jam... I do want to continue working on it so it's eventually presentable on stream. 

I know about the bugs, hopefully it wasn't too annoying that I didn't put a respawn point in. I think I introduced the bugs at the last minute too in a daze from working too long.

My twitter is @Frump3d but I haven't been tweeting for ages now, I barely read it anymore either.

Nicely shot and edited. FMV can easily slide into cringe territory but I'm happy to report I didn't cringe once and it was funny. Great work.

That was awesome. Really clever loop and writing and overall game setup. Nice music too.

Wow, excellent recreation. That was pretty fun and also tough. Great job.

I dig the trippy visual style. Fun but the movement and aiming being tied to the same movement was tricky. The bullet collisions were also a bit unclear. Good job.

That was great. Good level of polish. I expected I could type in the romanized version to activate the japanese ships but that didn't end up being the case and kind of hurt my brain typing them in with no feedback.

This played really well for the most part. I just had a lot of difficulty hitting the drones. The air punch hitbox was weird and I never figured it out. Eventually a constant stream of bullets from all the drones is what killed me. Good work, it was fun!

Huh. I didn't really get it. Cool artwork on the cardboard cutouts. I got right to the end and then got sent to the start from getting hit. That seemed unnecessary. I wasn't sure if that was supposed to happen as I didn't realize the skullcopters could do that until the final room.

Great job! Well realized in all regards. Once I figured out I could just walk past the enemies that's all I did for the rest of the game. I even forgot what the attack button was so when I got to the room with tons of them I couldn't remember how.

Nicely done. Good art and music. Clever integration of hacking into a wave based shooter. I had a lot of trouble discerning what was walkable terrain and what wasn't. The level could have used more colors or contrast to differentiate where you could and couldn't walk.

Cool game. I didn't expect to see any UE4 entries. Did you make it with blueprints or dive into the C++?

I didn't finish it, so it's just those objects and the mechanics... Not really a game and very far from what I had envisioned. Making games is hard! Going to keep working on it though. Thanks for playing and commenting!

I updated it so that now any controller will work and even keyboard if that's your thing.

@MiniChimera Yeah I had that listed on the main submission page but it doesn't show up here.

Only 360/xbone controller supported for now.


Thanks for letting me know, probably should have tested it. It should work now.

Thanks for playing and commenting. The idea was to experiment with that type of control scheme for the jam. I think it worked out okay. If I were to continue on it I'd work on the enemy patterns and balancing to make it flow better. I'd probably start a different game if I was going to make a standard shmup.