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From Smiling

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ah thanks for letting me know!

Oh yeah, sorry there aren't any inputs, those are just built into the way Unity deals with stuff. You can play the game with just the mouse!

Ohh yeah, that is super strange... I'm not actually familiar with unity running on debian because i've mostly only used ubuntu, and not for anything graphical! I'm not sure I can help fix it-- it seems to be that unity doesn't quite run well on that?

; v ;

Ah yeah, so strange! i've been trying to think of a fix lately, but haven't had time to sit down with it. Will hopefully update soon!!!

Haha yeah! No offence, just wanted to mention it! ' V ' )bbbb TY will do!!! You too!!

omggg this was great! thanks for making this!

haha thank youuuuu for making a video!!!!! i'm glad you enjoyed!! (also haha neither of us are dudes)

Yeah~! that's the level I've gotten too as well- I haven't tweaked any of the '++' levels, and designed them rather quickly. Mostly with the thought in mind that they weren't beatable at all, and maybe people could figure out ways to get through them!

I'm not quite sure I should change them yet. I'm still seeing if anyone gets past them? Am definitely keeping an eye on them right now though.

I'm actually kind of also looking to see if anyone comes up with a strategy that can get them past ANY wall, even if it had no holes at all in it! haha

Thanks for making it this far though and trying really hard on this level!!!!

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ohh!! apparently this is a problem with the newer versions of unity, where windows defender eats it? unity seems to be looking into it.


if you can unquarantine it or give it an exception-- it is fine!! (i didn't even build the windows version on windows)

heh! i managed to beat it, hopefully this helps a bit? it is beatable!

i can't help you with any of the '++' levels though (anything 17+) haha

Are you using a program to change the controls with the game? if it's a third party program-- i can't guarantee it'll work with the game?

I don't think you'd need to change them, you can play the game with just the mouse!