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still working!

yes it is!!!

me neither!

Thank you so much!!

You definitely don’t have to play the first one to understand mj2, but if you want to it’s very short, about 20-30 minutes or to play the whole thing !

do you have a gamepad or anything like that plugged in that could be interfering? If not, there’s a fix here you can try:

Heck yes babay thank you!

Thank you so much!!!

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*****for anyone having trouble running the mac version, we just uploaded a new version "MJ MacOS (uses EasyRPG)" that should work for you*****

Oh my Froach! That's amazing!!! We love it so much <3 Hope you like the sequel just as much!

You can try moving it to the desktop or applications folder before running, it might work

you shouldn't have to install anything, just unzip the file and open Melon

are you on mac or windows? on windows just open RPG_RT.exe to run the game.