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very nice!  Watched the stream and tried playing along.  I love your chosen sound effects, they really drive the game home!  And the random models are hilarious.

Fun game!  A bit frustrating that things fall out of your hands all the time, gotta learn how to turn and walk sloooowly

thanks for the bug report! I'll take care of that next update 

Very sorry about this! I'll look into the issue and see if I can figure out what could have happened.

Crawlers are in the updated version! Reach tier 2 to unlock!

Uh oh that's not good, maybe you got a corrupted save file? Try hitting reset data on the main screen and plz let me know if that fixes it

Thanks for the comment!  I'll also be excited to see exactly how they work, I have some ideas but nothing yet set in stone!

Thanks so much for your feedback!  I understand that the initial interaction needs some clarification and future features shouldn't be mentioned in the descriptions.  The interface on the side is still very basic, you have a good idea for grouping things!  I was also thinking of having an "overview" tab that mentions your total gen / sink for the whole plant.  There's a lot that can be done there for sure!

I also understand that upgrading needs to be clarified more... the idea is that the upgrades only apply to your next plant (when you hit the "launch seedling" button) - which is not very visible!  I definitely need to clarify when that button appears and gets to 100%.

This is great feedback, good to know where the major pain points are!  I'll make these improvements and more in my next update!

well that's not right!  OK fixed it :)

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Hey all!

We are reviving one of the greatest idle games of all times, Eternal Quest: Ascended, which was a flash game I developed years ago. It's a 2d Idle RPG with deep character building and challenging progression! Have you ever played a game where you loved building characters but hated the gameplay? Well now you can focus on building your character and screw the gameplay!

The original game was in Flash, and you can find it here (if you're able to play it):

Or you can see a rough playthrough that a fan made here:

Here is a rough prototype of the town and menu system made in Figma:

Current Team

Currently we have 1x Developer, 1x Animator and myself (Game Designer / Developer) working on the project with game art already created from a Flash Version of this game. We are looking for a Game Designer / UI Designer and a 2d artist / graphic designer to flesh out our team!

Role Responsibilities

I'm going to stay on as Lead Game Designer and the two of us will share responsibilities for all aspects of the design. Ideally I'm looking for someone with strong UX skills that can focus on the Menu System and Town, with the mandate of making Functional Design that's also Immersive in that the player will feel like he's walking through a town instead of navigating a boring menu!

  • Take ownership of the Town and Menu section
  • Work closely with me on redesigning the in-game UI
  • Contribute ideas to help improve core gameplay
  • Contribute ideas for content (cool items, skills and spells)
  • Help me work out the numbers for ideal pacing and progression for the game as a whole
  • Help balance a complex and dynamic system
  • Work on refining designs so that the complex and dynamic systems appear simple and straightforward to the user
  • Spend hours upon hours staring at spreadsheets and tweaking individual decimal places


To join the team, send me a message and please include some samples or a link to your portfolio. I'm especially interested in anything related to menu design, RPGs, or general UX work. Tell me about your skills with the following tools that we're using: Figma, Google Docs (especially Spreadsheets / Graphics / Slides), Unity and Discord.


We are all working on a revshare model. Final cut will depend on how much work you put it and what roles you're willing to pick up (we can discuss when you're brought on board).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Well done!  Super fun puzzle game with challenging levels.  I reached the end and I want more!

With a bit more time and polish I think you could have a mobile hit!  Go for it!

Yes, we made a board game / card game called Confusion of Tongues!

I was also having the same problem where i wanted to find board games and couldn't figure out how to filter for that lol...

Here's a link: