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Funny idea!

Cute artstyle, good job!

Neat little game

Interesting game, though sometimes you just lose due to bad luck. G

Cool little game, and nice idea!

Very cool, one of the best presentations of the idea! good job

Nice concept! :)

Thank you! Yes, this very well might be. Initially, I wanted to randomize the dice as well as the path (due to the time I ended up making both fixed). But thinking again, assigning random numbers to the sides of the dice would have been not correct anyway. :)

Cool game, controls are on point

Very fun idea! :)

Good idea :)

Cool game, good job!

Really cool idea, it froze my browser sometimes though. But I like the concept

Very cool idea, and great execution! really good job

Interesting concept :)

Cool game, really liked it!

Cool game! :) awesome

I like the art style, the controls were a little bit confusing

interesting concept, good job!

Very cool game, congratulations!

Interesting concept

Alright, I got it. Nice idea :)

Nice Game!


Very good game, well done!

Cool little game!

Cool Idea!

Nice concept, good job

Thanks, yes procedurally was the plan, but I ran out of time. I may add it later though.

Interesting, good job

lol :)

A really cool game!

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Nice art style, and interesting idea. good job!

Nice Puzzle game!

Fun little game! :)

Nice game :), could not solve it though, since the dice was sunk

Nice Idea, an improvement would be the cross sum on every row, but then maybe it would get to easy. great job

Very good game, was fun to play. The only thing was the rerolls until you get what you need, but I understand it is due to the theme. great job!

Nice presentation, also I like how you can customize your dice rolls. good job!