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don't worry about it :). It is not so pretty as it was last year of course. Yes focus on your finals, and we keep in touch! :)

hey Ran, thanks for your feedback! :)

Thank you for your kind words!

Thank you so much! Yes the difficulty ramps up too fast, sorry about that :). Thanks for playing and also thanks for the link to marks stream!

Yes introducing and slowly ramping up difficulty and complexity would help a lot! Thank you for checking it out and your feedback :)

Wave 8 is pretty impressive! You are right, I think the timer should decrease a little slower, the way it is right now it gets impossible pretty fast. I think you are right, a connect-underneath mechanic would really help with the controls. Maybe I find the time to work on a small post-jam update and can try to implement that. Also, that input with synced music is a good idea. Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for your feedback. Yes it really needs some kind of progression or at least a tutorial, I agree. Thank you for checking it out!

Thank you for your feedback. I agree with the timer :)

Thank you very much. Yes, a timer would have been very handy :)

I agree, thank you for checking it out!

Yes, a timer would have been a good idea :). Thanks for your feedback

Thank you for checking it out!

Thank you very much, much appreciated!

Yes, if I find the time for a post-jam version, I will add something that helps faster understand the gameplay. Thank you!

I definitely agree with a progression. That would have helped to understand it faster. Thank you for playing and your feedback!

Very cute little game! great job

Nice idea, and good presentation

Very clever idea! Great job. 

Interesting idea, good graphics. But I think I encountered a bug, where the door would not open (first room with the spikes. Good game though!

Was really fun! Great game

Neat game, reminds me of my entry :D Good job

Very beautiful art, good job. Gameplay is simple but fits the theme.

Good job, a fun little game!

Very nice artstyle. Gameplay was fun too, maybe not always logical what the keys are doing, where they appear etc. Also the theme is a bit missing for me, but overall a great little game!

Contorls are quite tricky. But other than that, nice game!

Even though I did not quite get what I did there, it still was pretty fun. Great game!

Cool mechanic! Controls could use some improvements, but overall good game

Interesting idea :)

Very solid concept, great idea! Was fun.

Good game, pretty hard though! Great concept!

Nice entry!

Really good idea and implementation. Only thing is, last level is very unvorgiving with the spikes. But good game!

Interesting concept! But I have to say, the bride in the game seems a lot more terrifying than the bride in the artwork ;). Great game!

I assume more time? I don't wanted it to be too long, so that people could faster see and understand the mechanics. But I see how the timer can be to short when playing the first couple times.

Thanks! Yes it triggered a bug, which I had not time to fix any more, so I locked input once the waves start as a quick workaround. Maybe I have another look at it after the jam :)

Thanks so much for the feedback! :)

Thank you!

Very nice game, great style, good concept!

That control scheme really rewires ones brain :),

Nice game!

Really big scope for the jam. Looks promising though!