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Thank you :)

Hi, just curious, do you plan to release the software also on steam at some point?

Nice Video! Good picks, and I am happy that you liked my game :)

Interesting idea, but I could not really figure out how to drop the ball

ah ok, yes this can also be it. i left the default settings for web export.

Played it longer than i should xD. Very good job!

Fun idea and cool presentation. But it was a little bit clunky to use. I often missed the hero, since he made his attack move in exactly that moment i wanted to give him the armor. But good job with the game!

Very cool implementation of the idea! The art of the characters is awesome! good job :)

Cool game, good idea :)

The camera shakes and particles really sell it :). Good job, it's fun to play. Just the green color is hard on the eyes. If you had used the color composition of the start screen for example, that would have been better in my opinion :). But nonetheless good game!

Cool game. Interesting idea and nice art. Maybe it would be cool if there were more and more divers. But it fits the theme better this way.

Cool game idea! Fits the theme very good in my opinion!

Good job on finishing the game! Some of the heroes look pretty neat :)

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I love some of those name you came up with x)

Thanks for the feedback! Yes I had a few things in mind, to make clearer what the heroes are doing.. like fighting sounds in the distance, death sounds, an indicater at the top wehere everyone is, etc. but I had to cut those.

62 is very good! The +1 rewards get more and more likely the higher you get to increase difficulty. Maybe i overtuned them, though - there was not very much time left for fine tuning :).

Thank you for your feedback! There is definetly much room for improvments and balancing. :)

Cool game, good job. Very nice art too!

Very nice idea, I liked it very much. A bit difficult to determin what the hero wants, but thats fine.

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Very nice presentation and cool gameplay! good job.

Very cool little game, i enjoyed it!

Very cool artstyle and interesting spin on papers please.

Very unique idea. But the shapes did not really change when player bump into each other.

Neat idea! and cool city layout.

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I like the artstyle :)

Cool concept! Easy to learn.

Funny idea :)

Very cool artstyle, and the time slow is very nice. good game.

Very clever game, good job

Cool idea, pretty hard though :)

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You are right, I increased the size on the web page. When downloaded, you can resize the window however you like. Thanks for the feedback!

Very cool concept! :)

Nice game idea!

Cool game. good job!

Cool idea, good job. But yes, it feels like we control the bird :)

Cool idea, good job. But yes, it feels like we control the bird :)

Cool idea, good job. But yes, it feels like we control the bird :)

Cool artstyle :)

Cool Puzzle idea! good job.