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Here are 25 free beautiful low pol chests for you!

Yes, I plan to make some more asset packs with them in the future with more options like that.

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Added 15 More free potions!!

thank you for this wonderful game, so much fun. beautiful gameplay. what a gem!

cool fun game!

Hi Guys,
I have this Idea, not sure it will work but, I have a very fast way of producing fancy potion icons, with very diverse shapes and colors, and made this 5 ones available for free.

But If I get donations, I can make much more, My idea is that for each dollar donated I'll add one to the pack, so it grows, free for everyone and at a very reasonable "price", I believe.

What do you think of the idea? do you like it? Do you like the potions? Any suggesting are welcome! Thanks!

Hi, just want to announce the release of my first pack of potions!
Hope you like it, I'm happy with the quantity and quality of stuff I could made. I know it is just a simple item in a game, but it gave me joy to work on it, and hope some one enjoys using it too!
Any suggestions of what you think could make it better or more useful for your projects would be great,thanks!


Hi ferraioli, no, the blender files are not included, only the rendered frames are.
For changing the levels there are 3 different characters/sets of frames that you can swap or pick what is your favorite.  The armor parts are not rendered separately, but are an entire character. So you can not upgrade only the sword for example, but have to upgrade the entire character.

Thank you so much! really glad you enjoy them!

Just got it here:
Thank you!

Glad you find it helpful!  As for the questions,
Q1: It was one of the first I made, so it can be that, ill check it out.
Q2: I didn't add spreadsheets because that can be too project specific, I believe it makes sense for the dev to make the spreadsheets, and include what they need. If you only need specific animations, and what technology to use, it can depend on the engine etc... There are too many variables to take in consideration.

Glad you enjoyed, thanks :D

thank you :) I'll try it out!

seems great! but i tried to play it on linux (ubuntu) with wine and it just shows a black screen with music :( could make linux build?